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By Elizabeth Castelucci 29 Jun 2016

Simply poor a call from this amount saying they're from gs and seconds after a fire engine turned upwards at the neighbours house who i am a vital holder for. this is a authentic number

By Kimberly Bullion 24 Apr 2016

He called in my own company too and said he called about electricity review

By Ben Raj 17 Jan 2016

Where are yob Freon

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    By Luis Ingles 01 Apr 2016

    called my cell at am... did not reply it left no message


    By Richard C labrecque 21 May 2016

    absolutely disgusting and absurd. calls times a day. actually annoying when you are within a meeting or driving.


    By Ed Tarape 16 Feb 2016

    reporting to of com as a hushed message.


    By Daniel Swoverland 09 May 2016

    I'm being stalked


    By Nadine Berumen 23 Jun 2016

    affect me


    By Valeria White 17 Apr 2016

    i have received calls now from this number i dint know anyone in Egypt so did not and will not answer


    By Maria Leiva 03 May 2016

    some two years ago i had a conservatory built and ever since i have had calls from this number. BR have caller exhibit so obviously i never response and within any case i had blinds fitted by a locale trader. never response when this amount is displayed and most definitely never call these parasites back.BR eventually even this lot will comprehend the futility of their actions. pleasant to be able to identify nuisance callers through this site.


    By L Gottlieb 11 Apr 2016

    me llama understatement


    By Bessie Crowell 24 Jun 2016

    me Cameron y no league a contest


    By Caitlin Digney 01 Jul 2016

    caller unknown

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