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By Sarah Cordio 22 May 2016

Wondering who is that.

By Jessica Vancil 18 May 2016

I had a call from when i challenged what has my finance got to do with them and why are you calling from a mobile number and only who are you they argued with me i said you must think us all ignorant to discuss financial matters with the likes of you. he said i was the stupidest girl and a fin something or other and hung upward. beware of these callers

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    By Connie Wambeke 14 Jan 2016

    a missed called received and need to who it could be


    By Jacki Everett 10 Jun 2016

    i am being sued by the ISBN stupider i cant believe individuals purchase this


    By Jim Hack 19 May 2016

    calls cell phone


    By Elizabeth Loyola 14 Apr 2016

    said he was calling from UK home improvements. told him what to do and hung up. am reporting to taps.


    By Vickie Birdsong 07 Jun 2016

    times today


    By Gregory Oprysk 13 Jan 2016

    this number calls my house or times a day generally starts near a.m. and afterward every couple of hours. clearly i do not answer they're a total nuisance. i consider the amount belongs to however another poi promise company.


    By Angela Zampini 13 Feb 2016

    quite sorry around my last remark. but everyone who gets these calls must get fed upwards of them. and when you block unwanted calls some other unwanted company takes over about the same subject. BR BR


    By Nancy Wolking 17 May 2016

    someone has called me and hung upward when i answered


    By Justin Laughery 02 May 2016

    received a call with this caller id.BR caller id searches fake not enough digits.


    By Daniel Dang 13 May 2016

    this number keeps calling me

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