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By Sarah Cordio 22 May 2016

Wondering who is that.

By Jessica Vancil 18 May 2016

I had a call from when i challenged what has my finance got to do with them and why are you calling from a mobile number and only who are you they argued with me i said you must think us all ignorant to discuss financial matters with the likes of you. he said i was the stupidest girl and a fin something or other and hung upward. beware of these callers

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    By Marla Edwards 18 Jun 2016

    unknown call


    By Goyo Estevez 12 Apr 2016

    no one its a text likely sent by one of your friends but to your home phone instead of your cellular telephone by blunder ... it happens. a lot. the system converts text into a voice message from which you ll probably work outside who made a error from their contact list. and to see the full narrative re kind the right amount threes some authentic guidance among the thousands of exactly why me what have i ever done to deserve this harassment so be ready to be bored to distraction alt ho there's some authentic guidance on the way to control or prevent these distracting moments inside your today life.


    By Cai Mai 22 May 2016

    named. did not leave message. string of calls with similar numbers. call about ever hours.


    By Grace Waddy 01 Mar 2016

    wondering who is that.


    By A Margaret 04 Jul 2016

    calling but not saying anything


    By Bruce Cavanagh 28 Jun 2016

    got a call from this number. the caller left no message.


    By E Overholt 19 Apr 2016



    By Jose Luis Carranza 23 Jun 2016



    By Candice Soden 18 Apr 2016

    just had a phone call from this amount. some Islamic state terrorist Muslim was on the other end attempted to tell me i had won Ada vouchers or something. afterward she said whomever she has called will expire in days pissing myself now. Lao


    By Trent Sprunger 01 Jun 2016

    some ambulance chasing firm of solicitors calling about my non existent road traffic injury.

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