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By Sarah Cordio 22 May 2016

Wondering who is that.

By Jessica Vancil 18 May 2016

I had a call from when i challenged what has my finance got to do with them and why are you calling from a mobile number and only who are you they argued with me i said you must think us all ignorant to discuss financial matters with the likes of you. he said i was the stupidest girl and a fin something or other and hung upward. beware of these callers

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    By Malita Hillshutchison 04 Jul 2016

    missed call


    By Theresa Findlay 26 Apr 2016

    named me times this month with no express or voice email. says nothing.


    By Chris Hetman 08 May 2016

    he is simply some dude with a van and hes not within Manhattan at all so it took him a day literally to get to me and he ended up becoming lost overly waste of my cash and time


    By Peter Colaninni 30 Apr 2016

    Paris did u try and call me cause i received a call from this number i contacted u last month could u get back to me


    By medusa0022 ol.com Marlene 10 Jan 2016

    when i named the amount back from my work telephone this is the recording press if you wish to be taken away of our list. press if you would love to speak to an operator i pressed . please leave your message..... i hung upward.


    By Rabia Remh 18 Jun 2016

    pare recorded call around a company matter press one if you are xxx no alternative to tell them they are calling the incorrect number I have only had my number for years oh dear.


    By Leo Enggasser 13 Jul 2016

    called and asked personal questions told them i was on don't call and not to call me they hung upwards on me. they named around times now


    By Frank Benchik 24 Feb 2016

    who has this number


    By Theresa Broach 11 Jun 2016

    be attentive of Astor offering...new decoder comes with new months contract for that decoder...within case you strategy to terminate earlier subsequently they will be some penalty..


    By Breanna Mathews 05 May 2016

    called me last nighttime.

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