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By DEBBI HALEY 16 Jan 2016

WHO's amount is this calls every night every minute shave to remove phone from wall

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    By Marjorie Bryson 17 May 2016

    calls from distinct parts of the world in one day


    By Arnold Lydard 31 Mar 2016

    i replied and a foreign guy Indian perhaps began talking around computers. he was hardly audible until i asked what just he was ringing for. his incessant chatter finally slowed and he told me to turn on my computer. it was all near particular so i told him it was a awful time for a chat. he began telling me desperately that there were so many things on the computer that i apparently didn't know around and that i needed to turn my computer on. i told him that i didn't own a computer and he replied oh f you go f yourself. strangest person that rang me to date.


    By Liz Hagerman 15 May 2016

    multiple calls from this number.


    By Narielys Pimentel 13 Feb 2016

    received a text from this number as follows BR amazing news of homeowners are eligible for entirely funded solar through. government incentives. response yes for info or stop to op tout


    By Becca Kathan 01 May 2016

    repeated calls from this amount.


    By Kerry Opel 25 Feb 2016

    it is accurate nag Caracalla.net


    By Ilikenipples Studabaker 07 May 2016



    By carl assing 18 Apr 2016

    merely received a express mail from ... I am going to be arrested for tax fraud and to contact them before it goes to federal court... whooped... actually... r u kidding me. trust me the IRS wont be coming at you via a telephone call.BR BR i only contacted them and said i will be sending someone over to talk to them. here is where they are located...BR BR GP's coordinates... . .BR BR .white pages. property line Nebr rd st. Nebr Washington dc BR spam amount BR spam reports inside the last days BR reports sycamore reports extortioner reports general sombre BR caller


    By Keita Hines 03 Jun 2016

    they have been calling me everyday every minute for the past weeks i answer they hang upwards i call them it says line active what will i can to get this individual close down


    By Patty Washburn 24 Jun 2016

    caller id not available. they keep calling and say they want me to signal inside to my computer to identify someone who is using my IPA address. i said no and hung upwards.

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