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By Elbett Ford 12 Jul 2016

Not sure who this is

By Wondwosen Messele 01 Jun 2016

Oh no another of these. wholesome.com phone number.asp a .com phone number..com phone number.aspics it is hopeless to distinguish crank posters from financial incompetents.

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    By Candy Mize 26 Jun 2016

    received telephone call. did not answer.


    By Mike Corrizinne 03 Jan 2016

    telephone amount belongs to the revenue group a collection agency for case university hospitals Cleveland Ohio.


    By Theo Jefferson 11 Apr 2016

    however again i got a call from before it was a distinct amount same voice asking to speak to a Mrs partridge this individual has never owned my phone number ever. i gave them my normal mouthful of F's however they continually call back and nothing i have ever been capable to do has stopped them bloody people are driving me bonkers


    By Janice Ladika 23 May 2016

    Nancy would you understand who this call was from


    By Angelo Horgan 12 Jan 2016

    who caldera


    By Qiana Cousin 13 Mar 2016



    By Pricilla Cooper 04 Jul 2016

    we only got a call from this amount.


    By Jerre Campbell 07 May 2016

    anyone understand who this amount is


    By Elizabeth Kilbury 19 Mar 2016

    this amount sent me through a text with a link saying they had a image for me needless to say i didn't click it. this was the linker BR HTTP . i have copied it i think I have done it right


    By Rockett Kindley 15 May 2016

    named me on my cellular telephone number. did not leave a message.

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