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By Whittany Diles 03 Jul 2016

Says they from accident and emergency n when ring bk number not exist

By Charles Buff 12 Apr 2016

Another annoying call at our meal time didn't response because number not the normal no message left

By Albert Mc garrity sr 02 Apr 2016

They keep ringing my mobile any time i answer they hang upward i tried phoning them back only to go straight on hold for Min's before they cut me off. driving me mad

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    By Lenny Arias 03 Mar 2016

    i dint understand who call me


    By BYRON DINNING 13 Mar 2016

    called my cell.


    By Anna Eck 23 Apr 2016

    desired to inquire me around the EU referendum for a survey. i politely declined.


    By Allison Hantman 24 May 2016

    desire to understand the phone owner


    By Jarell Gray 29 Mar 2016

    my amount lucky Darrow


    By Dilenny Mena 02 Mar 2016

    he call me n messaging me abbr midnight i don't understand that person and i told that i do not understand you so dint call me and messaging


    By BEN HACKNEY 07 Jul 2016

    i desire understand who individual consistently disturb me and my wife..


    By Rosemary Russo 13 Jul 2016

    called he inquired if i would reply some questions leading towards energy sale and that after that i wouldn't be bothered by any more sales calls. i inquired how will you would that you aren't the taps. he said are you registered with taps i said yes. he apologized and he immediately rang away.


    By Cherline Pomponeau 19 Apr 2016

    who call me


    By Janet Pepperted 04 Jul 2016

    i additionally received call from this no Jul now...i didn't pick upward my telephone...really i got calls for few times before this n luckily I am never answer it..Cox i heard that they will stole our telephone line once we reply the calls...i dint know what truly goings on..either accurate or not..but Jul beware frenzy...

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