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By Brandon Delray 02 Jul 2016

They named my cell.

By Balbino Mercado 07 Apr 2016

I am ill of these calls phone favored service is a wast of space. i am registered but get call times a day I'm seriously presuming of getting rid of my telephone.

By Allan Hirshberg 16 Mar 2016

This amount called me multiple times days inside a row. i didn't know digit telephone numbers existed

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    By Diane Tomsa 23 Feb 2016

    got an automated message from this amount at on rd may . purported to be about poi. reported it to the icon at this linker BR a .org. automated Carlsbad BR have small expect the icon will can anything. never have inside the past. i simply wish they would tell the government they are not up to the occupation so a appropriate bureau with the right powers and resources could be place within put.


    By Garland Hoops 09 Jul 2016

    me too got missed calls on my mobile from . am this morning


    By Martee Miller 01 Jul 2016

    no express message


    By Kathleen Winchenbach 10 Jun 2016

    sheila ruler if you are talking around the talking text service it should not ring you at am.BR BR there is a curfew for this service and the default settings are to stop sending at midnight and begin again at am. you may change the curfew times or turn it away altogether and have the messages delivered hours. BR the menu for this is accessible at the finish of the last message. dial to enter the setup to transform the curfew BR option gives you the night time settings night time deliverable you will be given these further options place non delivery time to midnight to am this is the default placing.BR set delivery to hours.BR customize delivery time by placing the begin and finish times to times that suit you.BR if you are with Tolstoy you could additionally dial to accessibility the menu.BR more infra a .Tolstoy.com.writer pH ... rota par BR alternatively if you have an Sims capable telephone the Sims memory might be total and the handset is answering the call but unable to shop another message. BR you could locate some information on how to solve this Nebr a .Tolstoy.com.writer pH ... Etta par BR hope this helps Alan


    By Gwendolyn Grayson 05 Jun 2016

    who is this


    By Kamra Hoults 11 Apr 2016

    no idea


    By Steve Georgie 20 Jan 2016

    got a call from this number. the caller left no express message.


    By Robert Cespedes 11 May 2016

    this amount is on my telephone bill but i dint understand who owns it


    By Stephen Fuente 25 Mar 2016

    did not answer did not leave a message.


    By Kylee Wagner 10 Jun 2016

    rang once and subsequently stopped

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