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By Charles l Coulter iii 24 May 2016


By Mindora Cowan 20 Feb 2016

I am becoming them. i think they're a finance company linked to a auto showroom near uneaten offering credit to people with poor credit ratings. cant say for sure but becoming these calls since i made an question nevertheless i wont be calling them back.

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    By Michael Islas 17 Apr 2016

    a company calling claiming to be British talcum. BR wanting to understand account details and payment for prominent invoices..BR we receive this call a few times a week the same individual calls.. each time from a different amount. BR i constantly ask for their name and contact amount this is the amount i listed above.


    By Kerry Gombatz 27 Jun 2016



    By Irving Stokes 16 Jun 2016

    these guys are rip off artists and need to be stopped. i have now had at least taken from me in credit all collectively within the previous months for a minute call from my girlfriend only to say she was on her way here. they need to be stopped they actually really can.


    By Brittany Biel 16 Jun 2016

    Huber do you know you


    By B Kuppuswamy 14 May 2016

    this seems to be a page for disgruntled workers rather than the consumer. wasted my time reading this.


    By JOHJN MARTIN 11 May 2016

    repeatedly becoming a call from this amount on my roaming amount. i don't reply as i would need to pay international roaming charges. any notion whose amount this is. the caller leaves no Sims and has been calling at about the same time and almost every day.


    By Carey Rush 01 Jan 2016

    does someone know who calls from this amount.


    By Alvin Veysey 15 Jan 2016



    By Teryl Clements 12 Feb 2016

    said it was a call about life insurance sales now blocked.


    By Jeff Hebbel 25 Apr 2016

    an Sims message from Homeric around a tax refund for .. all i have to would is follow a link

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