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By André 13 Apr 2017


By Barbara Paulos 06 Jun 2016

This amount belongs to carillon Amy a .carillons.co.UK

By Ray Cammisa 12 May 2016

Dint say anything on there finish of line

By Ronmel Grullon 11 May 2016

This no named me on my mobile

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    By Aidan Mackesy 01 May 2016

    wanted to talk around my bank account so hung up scampers


    By Dan Merchant 25 Jan 2016

    named....unknown rang off


    By Valeriegail Albrecht 09 Jun 2016

    no message left. don't know who called me.


    By Dwaine Morgan 27 May 2016

    i had a phone call on my cellular telephone from this amount as kin me to pay deposit to have a BTU telephone line connected after i ordered it last nighttime. i was fairly suspicious as the man was rather rude and seemed quite far away.


    By Scott Cogliano 19 Apr 2016

    named and left no express message.


    By A. Cross 31 Mar 2016

    some inconsiderate individual or company woke me at .am on Monday morning from this number but they had rung away by the time i got downstairs it made me feel sick and worried as i have my mum with early dementia and i presumed it may have been her. its obviously from abroad . idiots


    By Reba Ruud 07 Jun 2016

    caller asked about car injury i during previous two years and whether i got compensation from some insurance company I'm not a customer of. ha vent had an injury either. challenged the lady but all she got was annoyed and more persistent that i had an injury. apparent scam.


    By MIKE BLOCK 23 Jun 2016

    got a call from this amount overly what do they desire and who are they


    By Kirthi Janumpalli 21 Apr 2016

    its a debt retrieval company mostly debt that's been passed to or sold to them from another lender


    By Phillip Constable 24 Jun 2016

    scam artists simply discount them. man with an Asian accent claimed to be calling from sky UK wanting to place insurance on my sky equipment. i told him he was a liar who did not work for sky i really cancelled my sky contract a couple of months ago so there is no way he could maybe be working for them.

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