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By Matthew Bullman 12 May 2016

Telephone calls with no one on line when decided upward.

By lucy johannes 30 Apr 2016

Who call me

By Piter Porquin 23 Jan 2016

Several calls from this number.

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    By Chrissy Hamilton 26 Feb 2016

    received unsolicited cold call text from . .BR we have been trying to contact you affecting your poi assert we now have details of how much you may be due reply post for your pack or quit to select out es ltd


    By sung hee kim 23 Jun 2016

    keeps ringing


    By janice bakera 30 Jun 2016

    named my cell telephone.


    By Lisa Festa 31 May 2016

    i received a letter purportedly from the bank of Scotland with this amount on it. national insurance amount was requested purportedly for tax conformity purposes. total scam i named the amount and a foreign sounding gentleman replied allegedly from the bank of Scotland but not i called the bods and they knew nothing of this number.


    By emily garay 17 May 2016

    caller remains silent


    By Don Bothem 04 Jun 2016

    a hang upwards call


    By Adam Dornfeld 09 Jan 2016

    phone companies get paid for every call they deliver to your telephone. it is not within their interests to do what you desire.


    By Andy Gehin 11 Apr 2016

    i keep getting this amount on my land line phone which no message is left.


    By BRANDAN URBAN 05 May 2016



    By Edward Turas 30 Apr 2016

    we received a call yesterday.

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