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By Kimberly Stratmann 06 Jul 2016

Section of statistics Malaysia national territories dingbat amp Wilma some Barbra Klan rajah Lat koala lumpier.BR BR tel BR fax BR BR e mail .gov.my

By Wesley Sowell 22 Jun 2016

March .BR call on residence phone number which is on taps list will i speak to Mr xxxvi this is me who are yob someone who isn't speaking call disconnected.

By Kylee Carney 05 Feb 2016

Call from

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    By Ruter Ferrell 25 Apr 2016

    keeps calling but i dint fuss to response. calls today already around inside total


    By Audrea Shipman 11 Jul 2016

    multiple telephone calls


    By Rusty Keenum 11 Jul 2016

    same matter quite vulgar recorded message when i named the amount back someone should inquire how they got he number.


    By Dinah Dolly 15 Jan 2016

    keeps calling. who is it


    By Brandy Mcabee 22 Apr 2016

    simply block their calls


    By Mr G campbell 30 May 2016

    this number is from curves catalogue


    By Charles Triona 17 May 2016



    By Maxine Bussey 07 May 2016

    called and told me this was a final notice that i should contact them instantaneously because they are filing a case against me


    By Rose Bailitz 13 May 2016

    i happened to look at my mobile which was beside me and i noticed a call inside progress so close off the call secs. on looking at call history it claims i made the call which i didn't and its a premium speed number. not sure how this happened and would be interested to understand who they are although not enough to pay a premium speed phone amount.


    By Chris Pryer 06 Jun 2016

    repeated calls from this number.

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