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By Kara Hickey 10 Jan 2016

Who calls me

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    By Nelly Hammond 04 Jun 2016

    they named left no voice mail


    By Wendy Riechers 27 Mar 2016

    hi Barbara I have had several calls from this amount too. mainly it comes up caller unknown so i dint fuss answering. but the last two calls gave a mobile number. a few minutes past i replied it and a youngish man asked for me by name or should i say distinct variations of it a....or Ann..... he said that he was ringing from first legal. i then said that id never heard of them and how did he get my cellular telephone amount. he subsequently got instead shirty and began saying that i was being rude and that i clearly didn't desire to take this call so i int erupted him and inquired how was i being rude all i inquired him was how he got my number he subsequently began to get quite agitated and began to swear at me using the f word so i cut him off. i rang my network to report him but was told to enroll my cellular telephone with the taps phone preference service i am going to try this but some promotion call still get through although our reply machine generally intercepts these and we find that they dint annoyance to leave a message....surprise surprise the only other suggestion my network could offer was to set about altering my amount why should i have to go through all that hassle for some ignorant moron. you could attempt the taps service it might help.


    By Alfred Lamme 10 Mar 2016

    i got a message from this amount to call back urgently. mentioned my name so rang back no result. now worried if they got my details


    By Adriana Canas 14 Apr 2016

    baps mu ma ti


    By Chris Collingwood 29 Jun 2016

    amount and id are spoofed its life insurance telemarketing i wasted their time on purpose. they probably bought a phone lead generation service who spoofs valid numbers and ids for demonstrating up on your caller id to support you to reply. if you dint anticipate calls from lumber company i would block this number as i have or perhaps you will let them know the service they hired to send them Bacall leads is using this misleading practice afterward inquire to identify the business they use to create the leads subsequently research that business and place the CEO's la area dwelling address and spouses mobile and house telephone number on this web site and others. I am a CEO too by the way.


    By Kim Colwin 27 Mar 2016

    i replied and the caller disconnected.


    By Carl Callender 20 Apr 2016

    she lie my money


    By Kip Boisot 30 Jan 2016

    hung upward on my answering machine.


    By Cathi Schnabel 20 Jun 2016

    said he was James from British talcum calling about my internet connection. i paused before saying go on afterward and he instantly hung upward.


    By Abby Welington 28 Jun 2016

    who calls me

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