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By dcgirl 10 Apr 2017

Just like other comments these people keep calling w/o leaving a voicemail and I don't know that #. I'm blocking it I suggest you do the same. I also received 2 other scam calls in the same 5 mins...one wasn't even listed as a number. It's probably a scammer who's bouncing the number throughout the state because they all come from Virginia Beach and Southern Virginia. I'm a mile from DC not near any of these locations!

By mdk 16 Jan 2017

These people keep calling even when I text response I don't know you or your # please leave voicemail which they don't. Already 4 calls btwn 10a-1pm☹

By Vicki Ginsburg 17 Apr 2016

Simply a warning. quite strange one. said he was named Dave. was fairly volatile when i said i didn't know anyone called Dave and got aggressive kept receiving hushed calls from this number after that number now blocked.

By CATHY FORDE 14 Jan 2016

Like every other amount than commences xxx this amount has not been issued for use. it's fake. greatest to block all that block of numbers if you can. Helen Watson and all her clones are no more than scampers using spoofed numbers.

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    By Silina Christian 19 May 2016

    dint understand the name of this business cannot call back to id. repeated calls despite being on taps. tremendously irritating. switch them away please.


    By Ellyn Decasanova 08 Jul 2016

    quiet call no messages. do you understand this number


    By Blazier Monty 08 Mar 2016

    no experience just curious cause they insist but it's a bad connection and we cannot talk


    By Karen Doute 09 Feb 2016

    fraudsters wanting you to can various matters within order to steal your credit and debit card details and your private files. just hang upward block the amount and dint let them call again otherwise they ll keep re dialing you since you decided upwards.BR BR told me my computer was unsecured and i laughed at them he then told me to away i inquired if he really did simply say that to me and he said yes off subsequently hung upward. Lola


    By James Lymn 09 Jun 2016

    SAP call.. bi la jaw ab sen yap Jew Dan put us


    By SILVIA OSORIO 08 Jul 2016

    i have been getting calls which show no name in the caller id and only digits for the number BR BR BR BR BR has anyone seen anything like this recently


    By Ernset Maggard 02 Jun 2016

    its a air tel amount they called me today to enlighten around my internet usage.


    By Eswari Komaragiri 24 Jun 2016

    i dint understand who this is and its bothering me


    By Vernn Ching 20 Jun 2016

    tea time call and could not hear the seemingly Asian female voice anyway reverse call had a mans voice stating no route with an American accent.


    By love_shaker2 hotmail.com Carre 06 Jul 2016

    my caller id showed this amount.

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