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By Robert Rustvold 15 Feb 2016

Yeah just received a call from this amount amp was lost a amount or something. so i wasn't competent to call them back. i am with gal but they never rung me on this amount amp they usually text.

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    By Ted Conley 11 Jun 2016

    i ignored the call.


    By Joy Hyde 28 Apr 2016

    this man called me you may hear a lot of people in the background. sounded enjoy a telemarketer. told me that I've qualified to win and some dollars. i needed day code and a amount to call and he would supply that for me. he told me i would not qualify if i had a insolvency. and i said do you understand i dint have a insolvency. said all i seen your file and that threes no bankruptcy on it i said how old is that file he said oh its recent as of yesterday. i inquired him did how do you have accessibility to my fiscal records. hes at all that's merely public access info qualified qualified you need your money or not. and i said well I am not sure and he told me to go FL myself. that i was a bunch of obscenities. i hung up and he called me back and only continued to tell me what a horrible person i am and what i could go can with myself with another slew of obscenities. i said if you were a legitimate business and this was a legitimate proposition you wouldn't be using those kind words. whereby he only continued to berate me. he finally hung upwards. i dint have any other information on the best way to get a hold of them beware.


    By Kimberly a Foley 29 Feb 2016

    ho la


    By Connie Nico 30 Jun 2016

    what exactly is this could it be really your mobile number has won USDA inside mega mobile apps draw with reflector promise your prize contact Dr Ahmed by email .com for payment congratulation


    By Dimitri Tsougas 09 Jan 2016

    this is a new one on Nebr BR rang around times but sopped before i could answer.BR BR anyone


    By Anna Lenicks 10 May 2016

    my caller id showed this number.


    By Donneattea Metcalf 02 Mar 2016

    who named me


    By Terry Gissal 12 Jun 2016



    By KEVIN SOUTHERN 22 May 2016

    cold call from a business offering bargain breaks.


    By Isaac Fierro 08 Jul 2016

    i got a miss call.

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