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By Crista Norman 18 Jan 2016

Dint understand who this is keep calling

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    By Bud Ramkey 22 Apr 2016

    originally outside bump i inquired for a quote.BR the minute the lady phoned me up she was unbelievably pushy and wouldn't let me get a word inside.BR this immediately made me block her numbers .BR its a shame as before she called i did need a quote.BR i feel sorry for old individuals who are at the other end of these calls.BR regrettably for crystal I am not old and dint fuss with pushy people.BR i have had quotes since for my windows and doors to be replaced.BR all the individuals had manners and listened to me.BR if anyone ever needed windows i would tell them to steer clear from this bunch.BR fortunately for technology i will block withheld numbers and i have a property lines that has a answer machine that goes on straight away...


    By Jennie Menden 02 Jun 2016

    this number keeps calling me


    By Amy Zowniriw 21 Jun 2016

    es ta UN amigo resilient lambada DE Ester numeric a Que pa is correspond


    By Hunter Wood ii 03 Jun 2016

    they say they will recover cash from a dissolved business.


    By GEORGE LINEHAN 01 Jul 2016

    calls from this number never replied any of them


    By Sharon Ogden 17 Jun 2016

    no message rang for brief time subsequently ceased


    By C Isom 28 Mar 2016

    ho la UN numeric Que no conic me llama Poe favor Si Sabin Algol diagram


    By Kishore Gosein 11 Jun 2016

    rang and hung upwards before i could answer


    By Steven Charlie 29 Jun 2016

    they've called me times now i did not reply but called the number back said it was IRS i said why are you calling me they inquired for my name afterward hung upwards.


    By Margaret Wentworth 03 Jul 2016

    Indian sounding man who named himself Pete. knew my name and postcode though i didn't listen to his spiel beyond him asking about my washing machine told him to go away which is me within polite mode.

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