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By Denise Ujaque 05 May 2016

This person named me last nighttime. who was it

By James Cherrier 25 Apr 2016

Estate agents hawking for business. persistently testing and calling despite being requested to quit. another call this morning plus two texts last week. have text ed me from two mobile numbers plus the acreage line above. all now blocked.

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    By Lashawnda Brownridge 07 May 2016

    got missed call from them. add them to blacklisted telephone amount in my phone. straightforward as that. they mike call u using this number as well


    By Amber l.a Houser 01 Jun 2016

    a hang upward call


    By Frank Omboli 24 May 2016

    i have not revive cash last years from bis


    By Darryl Carmichael 19 Feb 2016

    please beware of anyone on we chat going by any of these names convening Vinson Evan he shows upward as folks nearby inside south Africa but claims hes from the UK amp uses this no .BR BR he befriended me told me hes within love with me amp tried to scam me it was the same tired story working for some oil business amp travels a lot to south Africa. afterward inquired for my address amp tel no i told him that i would give him my address when we met face to face but gave him my cell no. he then said he was sending me a parcel with handbags shoes jewelry phones money etc and that the courier company would contact me BR BR i only ignored his message until some black woman called to say that my husband had sent me a parcel amp i should pay r for them to deliver it to my residence. the amount she called from was . i asked her to email me the waybill amp contents of the parcel she was so stupid that she couldn't even spell correctly not even after i splat the email address for her times Libra BR so i message him that the courier company called me amp he says yes babe please pay them because i dint wanna lose anything. i dint receive the email so i tried calling the lady back amp the number just rings until it says invalid number each time so i message him amp he says simply pay them i trust seaport representative. so i tell him do you desire me to pay when i dint have their bank details.BR BR i inquire him to call me the calls from a private number no Englishman of white descent will ever talk enjoy a freaking African so when he ended the call i called the amount he gave above back it was him i dint know how he is doing it but this fr is inside south Africa using a UK number BR i inquired him if he presumed i was stupid amp told him that i dint need his gifts or money amp am not going to pay the courier i never heard from him again.


    By Mark & debbie Jansen 27 May 2016

    has to be mi manner afterward cause i also was expecting a call from them this morning and i missed a call from this number instead


    By Geri Warford 30 Jun 2016

    WHO's this


    By Donovan Millson 29 May 2016

    I'm getting Mses from this that says the message cannot be displayed my amount is


    By Edmund Chester 13 Jul 2016

    please give me full details on the number


    By Garland Davis 06 Jun 2016

    some body making obnoxious call


    By Lucille Panzer 15 Jun 2016

    i am becoming call from this amount times today i desire understand from which put or which company

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