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By Denise Ujaque 05 May 2016

This person named me last nighttime. who was it

By James Cherrier 25 Apr 2016

Estate agents hawking for business. persistently testing and calling despite being requested to quit. another call this morning plus two texts last week. have text ed me from two mobile numbers plus the acreage line above. all now blocked.

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    By Truc Thanh 13 Jul 2016

    same number that calls here every week and it was at am again. you would believe that after years of the guy calling and never becoming passed me that he would cease pretending that my manager wants to discuss to him. he isn't that great at investing any ones cash if he wastes every Monday morning calling Kansas to scam someone.


    By Robertson Angela 03 Jul 2016



    By Jennie Vedros 11 Apr 2016

    i additionally received this call most of the time claimed that they call on benefit of Citibank insurance policies and annoyingly they dint give up to tell you about the insurance. when i assessed with Citibank Citibank decline that they have nothing to would involve with AA and inquire me to reject any call from this amount from future... be cautious Hasbro entirely scum.


    By Douthard Yost 08 Apr 2016

    national boiler database again. whine to the icon every time you get this call from all sorts of numbers a .org. automated Carlsbad make sure you are registered with the phone taste service a .tapeline.org..HTML if enough of us do this these criminals will eventually get caught and dealt with. it's because of criminals enjoy this that many old and vulnerable individuals will not reply their phones and their relatives may not comprehend they're lying dying in their houses when their calls go unanswered. this scourge should be easy enough to deal with but i suspect their are too many people making huge amounts of cash out of it that they persuade those inside power who could cease it in one fell swoop not to.


    By Robert Klimaszewski 16 Apr 2016

    who call me


    By Kelly N anderson 08 Mar 2016

    i answered and the caller disconnected.


    By Tom Aunspaugh 03 May 2016

    incoming whats program MSG's


    By Derrick Delaine 01 Feb 2016

    id central Maine c....BR answered they hung upward.BR spoofed becoming lots of telephone call from various numbers today


    By Nelver Tejas 12 Jun 2016

    this amount called several times.


    By Shela Carey 05 May 2016

    no message left

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