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By Ariel Robiniol 18 Feb 2016

My error

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    By Megan Nunn 09 Jun 2016

    does anybody else becoming calls from this number


    By Ewa Sep 10 Jan 2016

    no caller id


    By Patrick Barberetr 10 Jul 2016

    i had a phone call but did not understand who it was then had a text message say ING they could help me with my poi they signed off as dd ltd.


    By Kavs Sarma c.O gokul 03 May 2016

    did not leave a message.


    By Johanna Lorenzo 13 May 2016

    northern hospital outpatients


    By Susan Connelly 04 Jul 2016

    some one from social security keeps calling .peculiar matter is that their all distinct telephone numbers and from different states.


    By Allison Martino 23 Jun 2016

    yes i recd a call from Michelle my set of employment looking for a co worker...advised Michelle cant have private calls...Michelle desired to know what kind of business...advised cant give out info...Michelle hung up...


    By Bobbie Bagnell 05 Jun 2016

    AMA number


    By Jennifer Desloges 17 Jun 2016

    named to say he was not selling and would only take seconds it was market research but he would not confess it and persisted inside asking me about products and private info. after minutes i reminded him around how long he had been on the telephone and politely told him i was ringing away. he was Asian with insist ant and poor vocabulary.


    By Angelica Ance-Berry 26 May 2016

    i know its a girl fore gin nationality but that's it

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