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By Svetlana Ch 13 Apr 2016

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    By Gladesia Capers 28 Jun 2016

    Jain rue dies message Depp's dies mo is quid NE sons pas correcter ET mature escritoire ma DOT DE scanner Les fractures ET DE vows Les inveiglers pour Trey reimburse viler me Donner dies repossess Marci IL y en a pour .Fr's


    By Auckland Wallace 05 May 2016

    left no message


    By Robert Zavitz 31 Mar 2016

    this is a company by the name of ex cell credit


    By Glenda Fortson 27 Apr 2016

    rd call now from so named talk talk engineers this is third number they named on attempting to accessibility my computer


    By Beth Purviance 30 Apr 2016

    named me at work.


    By Linda Stanich 12 Apr 2016

    so its now Th Feb and these cold calling identity withholding and unnecessarily perfectly good sealed double glazing replacement salesmen scumbags are still up to all their old tricks. this is even though they were in the throw list of understood taps abusing callers as much back as Th august see a .Magog.comps complaints roll of dishonour comment page awhile this thread additionally started inside BR BR today the call i received from them was on my acreage line and the amount showed as international but with no genuine number of any type being displayed.BR BR a middle aged woman with a powerful Yorkshire emphasis was on the phone asking me about my windows and whether they were sealed double glazing etc. she did not start by giving her name or the business involved that she was working for. so i played along seeming interested and they said they had someone in the place and could they call at my house within two hours time to check the efficacy of my windows with some heat getaway probe they gave a name for but i forgot to compose down. they said the probe would speed my windows from a to f and if they were d or worse they needed replacing. anyhow i agreed to a visit and said did they have a site as i never let anyone inside to my home before knowing who they were. only then did they eventually tell me they were a ..co.Uganda the girl calling was so web illiterate she told me it was WW rather than WWW twice in a row.BR BR so anyhow now i am imagined to get a call back before they come here to assess where i am and that i am still inside etc. at that period i strategy to tell them not to come and that i have reported them to a .disincline.org.Uganda a .of com.org.ukulele Callas i dint strategy to truly have them come here as i live within a flat but i do own it and am responsible for the window units so inside theory what they're offering is applicable and doorstep confrontations at shared properties could get you in to trouble with your neighbours. additionally i wouldn't trust the chastised salesman not to damage my car if i went that much.BR BR i merely wonder why the chocolate teapot otherwise understood as the icon hasn't yet fined a business enjoy this or more to create them understand this isn't a fashion inside which they could legitimately or profitably continue to get fresh sales leads.BR BR oh and their phone number not that they use it in their outgoing Cali is still the same as it was four years ago. their address is clean green upgrades the green tech building Barnard road Bradford Bud DC and their freephone amount is if you want to call them at no charge to tell them what you think of them.


    By Sandra Milian 30 May 2016

    when i answer they hang up.


    By Raymar Stevens 14 Feb 2016

    exactly why can these individuals call on a holiday would you desire credit i dint want anything from telephone solicitors


    By Mackado Davis 24 May 2016

    WHO's this number anyone knows


    By Denise Brode 06 Feb 2016

    multiple calls from this number all within the space of around hours luckily i have call screening and it goes straight to answerphone no message left

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