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By Mary Polnett 16 Jun 2016

Assess numb phone

By lori paye 26 Feb 2016

Did not leave any message.

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    By Gabriel Bila 24 Mar 2016

    i did not answer it.


    By Eileen Castor 26 Mar 2016

    a .satellite.neat a guy tried to get me to hint upwards for . a month cover. when i inquired him the name of the website he could not tell me all of it. he said he was new. he said if i signed upwards i would have a cooling off interval during the dialog he gave me two intervals of cooling away. i was becoming a bit bored with the hard sell after several minutes and presuming that if it was my father he was talking to he would have certain him to part with his cash by now. so i told him i was can within court next week for defrauding my associate and would probably have to pay a fine. he proposed he goes to speak to his manager to see if he could get me a better deal


    By Mary Gatewood 21 Mar 2016

    i received a text now from Zoe on requesting the prices of the therapy services we offer. however recently we have had quite a few advertising companies requesting advice via text just to try to sell us their services in return. so we've gotten into the practice of go ogling unknown numbers to ensure that they're not of this ilk.BR BR on doing this we were surprised to locate the above info pertaining to the amount which is tremendously odd.BR BR nevertheless what's even more odd is that the individual whomever it is i.e. Suzanne from Manchester Sara within black stick or Zoe whom could inside fact be a man named Jamie who requested the treatment fees particularly inquired for Swedish massage which is something that the bulk of our clients do not can they ask for massage which could indicates a specialist knowledge inside the subject of therapy or with them even being a therapist themselves BR at the really least we have some weirdo here who is playing absurd buggers and i thank goodness for bright phones and weirdo blocking apps


    By Jim Saunders 28 Feb 2016

    received a call. no one was on the line after my response.


    By Barbara Fredieu 21 Apr 2016

    i dint know who cal me.


    By Mark Nervo 09 May 2016

    received a telephone call from this amount. the caller left no voice message.


    By Jhai Vellon 13 Jul 2016

    BC scum they re out to get your credit card details and then they ll empty your bank account. this is an illegal company block the number on your telephone do not answer


    By Acardona Hotmail.Com Cardona 15 Jun 2016

    any ideas who this might be


    By Wonza Mercer 27 May 2016

    i need the company name


    By Loretta Clegg 09 Jul 2016

    did not response.

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