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By Nel Thomas 13 Jul 2016

By Mary c Thigpen 25 May 2016

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By Ann Molotzak 06 Mar 2016


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    By Samantha Adkison 19 Jun 2016

    complete pain within the bum this is stander but they re calling to get you to confirm a transaction that their fraud checks have just blocked. bit late isn't it at that point id already completed the trade using another card. when i called them back they tried to get additional security info to prevent it happening again i place the phone down. this nearly price me on a last minute booking and ill be banking elsewhere if they can it again.


    By Alyssa Demarah 21 May 2016

    were you trying to reach me


    By Chris Shin 16 Apr 2016

    called offering quotes for dwelling improvement work kind unspecified. when told i was on taps said not a sale but a estimate didn't enjoy it when i told him that a quote is an invitation to purchase IE a sales offer. when politely told not to ring again got PS's away before he hung upward.


    By Julianne Carson 16 May 2016

    said it was a call around life insurance sales now blocked.


    By Landy Walker 22 Mar 2016

    goodbye to the debt who loved Meier.


    By Marnell Vincent 26 May 2016

    its a girl


    By Tasha Felkner 02 Apr 2016

    quiet when answering telephone.


    By Sandee James 01 Jun 2016

    called my mobile telephone.


    By Amy Picard 08 Jun 2016

    me Neva Mensa


    By Shawki Malek 20 Jan 2016

    it was only the sound of a man laughing continue sly

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