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By Paula Harris 23 May 2016


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    By Paelita Ramlochan 25 Feb 2016

    any ideas who this might be


    By Jawana Powlas 20 May 2016

    Tosca car insurance


    By John Robert russell 15 Feb 2016

    i am phoning from Microsoft windows...there is a problem with your computer told him he was committing a offense and he told me to get lost. scam will place Malawi on your computer if you follow there directions and charge you for the service.BR i attempt to keep them on the line for as long as potential just to keep them tied upward.


    By Alan Lauder 08 Jul 2016

    they named my house times in day all the calls were blank no on the other end. i got fed upwards and re dialed the number and it took me straight to the free press. i spoke to a customer representative and asked why i was constantly getting these calls and she rudely said its telemarketing threes nothing i could can around it. i inquired to get my amount removed and she took my number and said yeah well ill see. i told her that she is a very rude and if i get more call I am calling the police afterward i hung upward. taste of their own medicine.


    By INESSA NIKOLAYEVA 24 Jun 2016

    no one on the line.


    By Zhiyuan Song 29 Feb 2016

    internet x gabled door bummer


    By Michael Brunk 13 Feb 2016

    same dilemma with me and its getting actually annoying. it gives an alternative to press to get immediate help you can that and either no one responses or someone responses and simply hangs upward on you.


    By Ivan Cortes 11 Mar 2016

    he keeps on phoning me


    By Sanni Miller 24 Jun 2016

    truthful info you cannot handle the truth . assess your post Mr gosling Jose of Newcastle. you go right ahead and describe all to lawyers judges and proper things. i see you are still within refusal unfortunate Mr Jose really unfortunate. this was the last casual response. goodbye.


    By M Ponier 27 Jun 2016

    this number phoned me the guy was exceedingly rude told me he would phone me every day was aggressive said he would shoot anyone who did this to him they need reporting and stopped

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