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By Dykstra Karen 18 Apr 2016

Said they were from tax office m. scam

By Darci Maxwell 18 Mar 2016

This sequence of apparently fundamental London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com may would around it. its a fake amount so cannot be named back. dint waste time blocking as amount continually changes last digits. only blow off. or better still reply amp enjoy winding upward Natasha Watson or whatever false name shes using this week with her its around the non existent auto accident that you or someone in the house had to years back.

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    By lucy webster 07 Jun 2016

    i think these messages are from different companies that use clickable to send Sims messages.


    By Kenitra Jackson 04 Jul 2016



    By Schroeder Jennifer 05 Jun 2016

    these texts are very annoying they state that you've been within a recent car injury inside the hopes that you actually have and answer. i have received this text numerous times and there is no justification for these scampers something should be done. I am tempted to answer with fake details and see if i may get anything out IV it.


    By Ladonna Tree 25 Jan 2016

    some sort of satellite company. likely a telemarketer.


    By Deshawne Johnson 28 May 2016

    phoned mobile but didn't leave a message


    By Cassie Ault 28 Apr 2016

    call centre background noises obviously arbitrary phishing to sell something you dint want


    By James Forside 06 May 2016

    just to get this sorted once and for all Barclay's can ring Pol and the two questions we ask for is d.o.BR and only the last two letters of your mothers maiden surname if Pol ask for any more egg card numbers from you the customer never give it outside d.o.b is inquired as it's within the public eye egg electoral part also if anybody signs upward for internet shopping or ordering anything you consistently use dob and the last two of the mothers maiden surname simply because you cant suppose a entire name from letters. BR BR oh and at least let us talk before been rude


    By Jeff Boisjolie 01 Feb 2016

    London no. named times inside last few days now blocked


    By Allan Kalbarczyk 08 May 2016

    dint no caller


    By Jaclyn Meyers 27 Mar 2016

    called me on my cellphone. no message left.

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