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By Tara Aldrich 25 Mar 2016

Ike we rd joist gabled door DOT bummer. Ike Nam net op en er we rd me teenager overhanging

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    By Thomas Wynder 24 Apr 2016

    dint no


    By Madonna Burton 09 Jul 2016

    phone calls with no one on line when decided up.


    By Koury Faile 19 Jan 2016

    missed the call


    By Emanuel Turner 15 May 2016

    accident claims business.BR BR they told me that i was within an accident back in to which i said it was truly they argued a while and said nope it was definitely . after a while i said i was lying as i actually never had an accident which actually upset the caller who told me it was against the law to lie and was i doing this. to which i replied its against the law to have incorrect records on a subject under data protection act.BR BR he subsequently hung up.


    By Geraldine Marquardt 14 Jul 2016

    no answer


    By Natasha Toon 22 May 2016

    named me on my cellular telephone number. did not leave a message.


    By Frank Rary 02 Jul 2016

    it only rings until you accept the call and then after they hung upward.


    By Larry Utley 01 Apr 2016


    By Megan Galmoff 06 Jul 2016

    i have being receiving terrible messages from this amount i need to know who can they go to


    By Karen Chabalowski 27 Mar 2016

    doesn't leave a message

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