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By Tara Aldrich 25 Mar 2016

Ike we rd joist gabled door DOT bummer. Ike Nam net op en er we rd me teenager overhanging

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    By Teri Dennison 21 Apr 2016

    no message


    By Vadim Dostman 10 Jun 2016

    this amount hacked my blackguard and changed my telephone number to this. i have alerts for all activity on my account text for each transaction change i create. result was i had a text to say id shifted my number and within minutes id contacted blackguard fraud squad and prevented fraud on my card they didn't get time to pass any transaction on my card. i suggest you all get text tel lings for all action on your card whether or not it was you who made the transaction. i know its annoying all those texts after you've made a transform on your account but enjoy me they could save you a fortune.


    By Dwight Lovell 26 Jan 2016

    the sickos rang me and harassed me the nighttime my gran died


    By Kaliw Mcfillifish 03 Jun 2016

    no SE quine es


    By shane mears 12 Jul 2016

    named but left no message. i have true caller installed on my telephone which shows Maratha telecommunications ltd so presuming that its a cold call.


    By Barry Bromery 09 Jun 2016

    a hang upward call


    By Betsy Galli 12 Jun 2016

    repeated calls on caller i.d.


    By George Skias 17 May 2016

    fed up with being named by numbers i do not recognize


    By Vesta Barber 23 Jun 2016

    government says that a rated boiler must be in place by . previous calls used to say be gore .


    By Beth anne Pierce 18 Jun 2016

    missed call

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