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By Tauete Taualii 23 Jan 2016

Beware this number called me in merely as a left British gasoline... telling me the bill prominent . was due. i inquired them to show that i owed this money ..... three letters later with no proof simply demands i paid this bill.............on the i received another letter of demand for the same amount.....BR as soon as you ring the amount you could tell that the man is fake because of the express not English. so please do not pay a bills that inquire you to call

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    By Esther Lindsay 28 Apr 2016

    i have had calls from this number millennium soft within the previous months sometimes twice inside a day. each time i inquire them to take my amount off their database and not call me again. I'm registered with taps and logged a complaint with them. i suffer from anxiety and these calls are causing distress.


    By Kim Hoglan 16 May 2016

    idiots with nothing better to do


    By Gail Easlick 19 Jan 2016

    i merely got a call from this amount to my cell phone.


    By ron lee 03 Apr 2016

    i had a telephone call from Jordan at about am this morning from unknown person


    By Mel Rork 21 May 2016

    who is calling me and why


    By Amand Green 07 Feb 2016

    salute CV


    By Christy Holcomb 23 Mar 2016

    i had a call from this number


    By Rumiser Debie 02 Jun 2016

    keep getting calls from this company they dint leave a message and i wont ring back as i dint understand who they're they're ringing me most days does anyone know who they're


    By Alto Watts 13 Jul 2016

    been phoned a few times by this one i have no interest within answering such a suspect looking number and i cannot locate a single thing about it online other than this one page. pretty creepy.


    By Inessa Epstein 18 Mar 2016

    BR debt collector from courts mammoth disguise as a lawyer superb rude and ridiculously idiotic. keep shifting their names like those Indian scampers you see in YouTube. they're the Malaysian version of Indian scampers from India. peace if they call you just blow off them. group of liars harassing others.BR p.s bigot courts mammoths SD. Bud.BR remember

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