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By Tauete Taualii 23 Jan 2016

Beware this number called me in merely as a left British gasoline... telling me the bill prominent . was due. i inquired them to show that i owed this money ..... three letters later with no proof simply demands i paid this bill.............on the i received another letter of demand for the same amount.....BR as soon as you ring the amount you could tell that the man is fake because of the express not English. so please do not pay a bills that inquire you to call

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    By Kathy Bortoli 05 Jul 2016

    they simply named me.


    By Gary Pizzi 12 Apr 2016

    its a call from an inmate at the prison calls are nonreturnable that's why u Carnot return the call it bk its Walton lay acreage Preston


    By Chalow Mcgrael 01 Jan 2016

    this amount keeps calling.


    By Moncerrad Rico 09 Apr 2016

    the law is clef no business of any sort can call you at am... not before Zn legally. gonna report fem. the idiots called while sleeping taking attention ox really ill family member until am....


    By Mary ellen Lacroix 21 Jun 2016

    keeps ringing .. leaves message when rejected of only history noise. real nuisance.


    By Harley Werner 18 Mar 2016

    looking for owner info.


    By Aerol Peterson 25 Feb 2016

    more of these calls coinciding with me doing a chat call with BTU broadband help Indian call centre. have had emails overly asking for card details .


    By Thomas Voosen 28 Jun 2016

    had a call from this number answered was a youthful lady apparently doing a social survey. when i asked how they got my number PR registered and ex directory she said it was tandem amount dallier. i told her they were UN ethical and prohibited and she started giving me maltreatment.BR BR nice


    By Legsteg Dolgorsuren 08 Jun 2016

    whose number


    By Yulia Ibragimov 12 Jun 2016

    my Sp account was shut and switched on Th march. my account was in credit so they repaid me. all of a surprising i am being chased for which is seemingly outstanding on my account. i have tweeted their customer service who assured me they're searching into it and today i get a call from this number which judging by this forum is additionally Scottish power chasing the debt. didn't answer

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