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By amro reiad 18 Jun 2016

Automated voice...due to government laws blah blah blah now blocked.

By Christopher Cantoni 28 Mar 2016

The line is allocated to Cambridge communications. you may whine through the nuisance calls page of their website. they have lines at that wort hing exchange alone.

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    By Keegan Mcveigh 14 May 2016

    may i know the office with this telephone number


    By Peaches Harvey 01 Mar 2016

    male man asked for my girlfriend by name. how he knew my amount amp that i stay with said girlfriend is beyond me. only had that number for around weeks. really unusual.


    By Praerawee Bornemeier 11 May 2016

    calling me and testing me with immoral words


    By Cindy Doerfer 15 Mar 2016

    thank you for the message around never issued numbers. remember that many mobile phones now enable mass blocking i have blocked everything starting for example. so you could block that will block all possible lines.


    By Jean Kawula 25 Jun 2016

    i have simply had the same call as you wanted to take a month for nuisance phone calls i took his number said he was from nationally text services told him not int rested merely Google the number and its comes upward all about the scams there trying to pull avert them there just after money etc


    By Joshua Lenz 11 May 2016

    this number isn't on our list of folks whom we know and wish to speak to so it's mechanically not answered by us answering any of these unknown numbers we have located to be a entire waste of our time apart from the upset they cause. we locate the wholesome web website really informative and it re in forces our policy of not answering. eventually our and other gov ts within the world will can something to cease these so much legalized amp irresponsible folks. but one does wonder how many politicians may have their fingers inside the pies of these profiteers.


    By Felicia Streater 01 Jul 2016

    please do not reply calls from unfamiliar numbers.


    By Christina Perkell 23 Jun 2016

    received call from this number and desire to understand where its from


    By Brad Mccomas 23 May 2016

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    By Cailey Waldbauer 10 Apr 2016

    multiple phone calls

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