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By Wendy Wellington 03 Jun 2016

Speculative call fishing for road injury details.BR it was from a call centre strangely the amount came up in my own own dialing code which to my knowledge has no call centres so i guess it was routed to look local BR BR i inquired the lady caller if they had details of an rat and if the call was on behalf of my insurer she hung upwards.

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    By Angelica Cano 15 Apr 2016

    got calls from the number.


    By Starry Heinze 23 Mar 2016

    i knew this man was a scummier so lead him up the garden course so to talk told him i had loads of debt to write away afterward asked him if he sold double glazing subsequently if he was free to give me pension advice afterward asked him to unblock my toilet or i wouldn't give him my company.


    By Carmela Mcusker 22 Feb 2016

    keeps calling my number.


    By Wildine Milius 10 Feb 2016

    no message left.


    By Paul Douberly 01 Mar 2016

    called and left no message.


    By Milburn Long 01 Apr 2016

    not the first time I've received a call from this number but as i operate call acknowledgement i generally dint answer. tonight yet i did and allowed an extremely Glasgow accented girl begin her survey for some Eco friendly group before cutting and telling her she was inside breach of the law as i had taps cover so remove my number and denture ever call it again


    By Codey Butts 11 Jul 2016

    quire saber DE Que pa is es Ester numeric


    By Karilyn Lutz 29 Jun 2016

    bad line so did comprehend caller....BR BR searched and located this a .shoulders.co.iPhone numb era


    By Pauline Beasley 12 May 2016



    By Dolores Billiot 24 Jan 2016

    Ike Ben kl ant Bi la res en Kan Jew Zenger net inside Zeke gain met Dee fir ma.BR ENE geode fir ma is go ed teen Zion lantern Dee fir ma is Hellman op geld en Nibelung Jericho.

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