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By Currine Adams 15 May 2016

I get calls from these people all the time. i could only presume that if i call back to find outside who it is i will be ringing a premium rate amount. i assume that's what they're upward to.

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    By Maya Barton 01 Apr 2016

    named me at work.


    By Scott Dekok 06 Mar 2016

    it's British gasoline.BR they tied up my line so i could not call out or have calls join within it also rendered my broadband useless i phoned BTU and they did a evaluation on the line but said someone was on it and they had to have a clear line to evaluation it i only had to wait the two hours before British gas disconnected the line. i phoned BTU and have now spent . a month to pub that number for good


    By Carla Regel 26 Mar 2016

    they called multiple times. once a express mail was left but only had individuals talking within the foundation. blocking this caller.


    By Scherry Bertrand 04 Jan 2016

    i had a call from this. they seemed to understand my name and that i was dwelling in Spain. dint know how. named my cellular telephone. didn't catch the name of the company something global based inside London. they asked if i was residing inside Spain to which i did not response and asked them what this company was around. they said something to do with ex pacts residing in Spain and new changes to registration that they may help me with. with that i understand what was coming upwards I am sure they would have asked for certain details of my address etc but i told them i was not going to give any tips and hung up..BR just didn't feel right to me cant be sure but have a feeling it could be a scam to get your details. be on your guard.


    By Robert Parzek 04 Apr 2016

    anyone else getting calls from this telephone number


    By Ronald Schenendorf 22 Jun 2016

    several calls


    By Nancy Guillotte 12 Jul 2016

    got a call from this number. no voice message left.


    By Will Deford 12 Jan 2016

    who calls me


    By Annie Versis 22 Jun 2016

    harassment and invasion of privacy. authorities should take activity. taps icon


    By Lacey Lykins 22 Jun 2016

    this number rang me several times last week. already this morning it's rung times. i dint answer the telephone but check on . i have no thought who it is seemingly from Egypt

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