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By Le ann Jordan 20 Jun 2016

This number is for Beaufort investment a .co.UK they were trying to get me to invest. i listened subsequently inquired them to remove me from their database. the young gent agreed so i wait to see i get more calls.

By Patrice Creighton 03 Jun 2016

This is a computerized fax of network international sending there merchant overview. your number was been used by any of there clients before you got it. call them on and ask them to stop.BR there co. web website a .network.abbr caller network Internationale call kind fax machine

By Nick Kern 28 Jan 2016

Dint understand who this was

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    By Nathan Tedder 22 Feb 2016

    i fell for this scam at Malacca airport within august and am now getting calls which i dint response. people here say its club la cos ta a timeshare outfit within Spain and other places. several years ago my brother was accosted by this company attended a no obligations presentation with fizz but afterward managed to get a free vacation out of them within quite an exotic place. he and his wife said the accommodation was the best they had experienced. so it's potential to outside scam the scampers.


    By Edward Pienciak 01 May 2016

    received a phone call from this amount. the caller left no message.


    By Sol Keithley 19 Mar 2016

    got a telephone call from this number. no voice message left.


    By Michae b Paxton jr 13 Jun 2016

    telephone amount is used by wort hing hospital. unfortunately I've merely missed a call from this amount it hung upwards moments after i replied no message was left and on calling the number provided by dial ling there was a recorded message stating that the number does not accept incoming calls but not who had telephoned yet i had a hunch that it might be wort hing hospital and on calling the ward that were currently dealing with thankfully we discovered it had been a call from wort hing hospital. i trust this is helpful to everyone.


    By Dana Michaud 28 Apr 2016

    had this amount just now. did not reply the telephone yet site may have an distinct amount completely but i believe its from the same organization that others have previously said. just avoid answering when this number appears and ill hopefully will contact them shortly to let them know that i dint desire calls to my home phone let alone that my home phone and all other phones i own are placed on the don't call enroll but ID how they are getting about it.


    By Vicky Mansfield 03 May 2016

    this individual has rung me times within the previous few days


    By Cyndi Dubbeld 27 Jun 2016



    By Marcel Dusseault 14 Apr 2016



    By Devin Mellano 24 May 2016

    ten go Ina lambada perfidy DE Ester letdown


    By Kimberly sue Conn 24 Apr 2016

    received a telephone call from this number. the caller did not leave any message.

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