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By William Castilleja 03 Jun 2016

Rings me than dint talk

By Andres Celleri 10 Feb 2016

Simply left a message on my answering machine requesting i call back no business name or exactly why they named needless to say i blocked them

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    By Shelly Coppernoll 22 Jun 2016

    caller said he was calling on behalf of BTU broadband and needed me to turn my computer on. when questioned gave BTU new gate st address.


    By Donna Veenis 05 May 2016



    By desiree myers 21 Apr 2016



    By Mary Huczel 14 Jun 2016

    this telephone amount is linked to the same business that also uses telephone amount .BR BR they're really annoying calls and despite a couple of times within my answering the call not knowing its them they have been told on all occasions to remove my number and that i am on the telephone taste scheme taps which is meant to block all these calls i have only been told once that they are sorry and it will never happen again.....until the next day when the other amount calls me. and subsequently the next day its back to the original amount they merely turn around using them.BR BR being registered on taps companies have a assess list before they call your number and if you are on the taps they are not allowed to call you. its illegal for them to do so and they could be reported to of com.


    By Antwaan Harrison 18 May 2016

    from ethical savings...... lea valley. doesn't exist.... certainly not inside England


    By sabrina dove 01 Jun 2016

    any idea who could call from this telephone amount.


    By Daaiyah Lawton 09 Jul 2016

    i need to know who named me with this number


    By Billy Poyner 09 Jan 2016

    i keep getting miss calls from this number.


    By Livingstone Olekanma 27 Apr 2016

    received a call from this amount today only to be informed about an auto accident i had suffered within the last two and a half years. i inquired where they got their information from just to be told the insurance company. i told them to go back to whoever supplied the information as it was duff info. i then place the telephone down on the caller.


    By TIFFANY STEWART 11 Jun 2016

    brad with a different east Indian accent named from windows technical services

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