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By Cathy Ascarver 12 Jul 2016

Believe this individual is having an affair with my husband.....

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    By Lula Horn 09 Jun 2016

    caught out the same manner. on mt BTU telephone bill to premium line which i am sure i didn't ring .BR spoke to BTU . they it was from my phone.BR sent email to the business i was imagined to have phoned . their MD said call came from my number and i would have been told the charges when i started the call.BR i dint consider i made the call because if i had and had been told of the high charges i would not have carried on with the call.BR gave up no refund .BR may have been a scam.BR have assessed on the business involved . found they have been fined for Male practice .BR lesson . dint get everywhere near premium lines .


    By Jeremy Reimann 15 Jan 2016

    it's vanguard.


    By nancy thyren 22 Jun 2016

    the amount keeps calling everyday when i answer they merely hang up


    By Shane Myrick 13 Jul 2016

    quire saber DE dined proven Ester numeric


    By malcolm harris 22 Mar 2016

    this amount keeps calling me


    By Johnaton Street 11 Feb 2016

    multiple calls from this amount.


    By Kristine Rhodes 14 Jun 2016

    repeated calls


    By Lucy Caldwell 23 Apr 2016

    so exactly why are these idiots ringing my cellular telephone to tell me my computer has a trouble my mobile number does not reveal them i have a computer scamming small ......


    By Javed Hasnat 29 Jun 2016

    welcome Nigel


    By Bertha Kozloski 12 Apr 2016

    i additionally got two calls from and when i pick the call it disconnects.BR when i call back to no. its active tone...BR what d hell is this

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