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By nwdc 11 Apr 2017

Call business, young female asks to speak with Harry Hardy, loud background noise, hung up immediately when I start to reply

By Vickie Okeefe 28 Apr 2016

Got a call with no message left.

By Alice Raskin 20 Apr 2016

Got a disconnected call when answered

By Lorraine Whetstone 24 Feb 2016

I got a call from this amount which i missed. i named the amount back and heard a recorded message saying it was a company called ascend finance. i Google it and located it is a company who reclaim compensation for people who have been MI's sold a packaged bank account. a amount is given on the recorded message to remove your contact details from their system should you not wish for them to telephone you again. i may be paranoid but i never trust using such numbers to remove my details inside case it is a trick to locate outside which numbers are still inside use and consequently worth more when selling a mailing phone list to other companies.

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    By Dan Sorega 22 May 2016

    why isn't the FTC all over this wt


    By Erwin r. Martinez 02 Mar 2016

    got a call from this number. the caller did not leave any message.


    By Gail De corte 28 Jan 2016

    keeps calling


    By Kyle Bach 03 Mar 2016

    blunder only spoke to em been calling me for at least a month with no one on the other side. its simply a call centre within Melbourne attempting to sell energy. the reason its is because its a VIP service voice around internet telephone heaps of telecommunications company's use it in tel promotion. just tell em to place you on the do not call list after they hang upward on their application which they have to would on request. simply spoke to some Irish bloke. or if that does not quit it only put your cellular telephone or residence telephone on the don't call enroll a hereafter.dentally.gov.UAW.dentally.gov.AA pretty sure its free to register


    By Eugene Stucky 08 Mar 2016

    got a telephone call from this amount. no express message left.


    By K-mel Wilkerson 08 Feb 2016

    how is this even remotely a reverse phone directory idiots


    By Teesha m Peters 27 May 2016

    wonder exactly why an official UK gov survey would be using a premium rate portable number that many individuals error for a cellular telephone s are used by spymasters amp Croats its enjoy having an untraceable burn phone. again we could thank our regulator of com for allowing these pond life's to behave enjoy this. and never call back on costs the proverbial arm and both legs


    By Laramie Mehlhoff 13 Jul 2016

    called this morning.


    By Priya Balaji 04 Feb 2016

    recorded female voice promotion new energy saving windows with a bonus old window recycling payment dint fall for it its a load of bunkum.BR block the amount straight away its a scam.


    By dionne mckenzie 08 Feb 2016

    who the hell is this

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