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By Kelly Fruin 19 Apr 2016

No one responded.

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    By Rozell Newbill iii 10 Jun 2016



    By Zechariah Ames 20 May 2016

    received call from this number. express mail was a record around discontinuing services nevertheless no name of business is supplied. i have received the same recording from multiple numbers from across the u.s. the calls don't seem to duplicate numbers.BR Augusta Nebr abalones Angelo taxer sugar acreage taxer Stuart fl


    By Denby Crawley 23 Jun 2016

    who the caller


    By Matt Burley 05 Apr 2016

    got a phone call from this number. the caller left no message.


    By Martin Griggs 07 Jun 2016

    this is an automated call system asking about car accidents. please simply block this amount.


    By Tonya Singh 02 Mar 2016

    i just got a call from which is within Houston TX. they are saying that the government is awarding a grant of to individuals for assembly the following standards they have not filed insolvency inside the last months they have payed all of their bills on time in the the last bearer they have never had a criminal recorder sadly i dint fit this profile. my bankruptcy completed a few months past mostly because i was unable to pay bills on time. and to top it away years ago i had fairly a few run ins with the law meaning my record is not so squeaky clean.BR BR yet they could see from their records that i can meet all of the criteria and they are happy to tell me that i have been selected by the national government to receive this grant monies. BR BR they give you the alternative of receiving your monies inside various procedures deposited into your bank account your credit card or cash. if you refuse to reply they say excellent we will just would cash then okra BR they would have some personal tips from you such as your name and address though the operator read the zip code incorrectly and was not around to right her and try to get your age i gave them a bogus age which the operator confirmed that it matched her records and was quite great. BR BR next they give you a confirmation amount which you will need to promise your monies which will be mailed to you in cash. the confirmation amount consists of the initials from your first and last name and four arbitrary numbers at least i consider that they're arbitrary. i have not confirmed that they're arbitrary though. because the number that they give you to call so that you may talk with the supervisor to authorize the transfer of the monies rings twice subsequently goes to fast active.BR BR i desired to attempt and use a different confirmation amount and see if they may locate me without it. i figure that i will have to report back.


    By john kandler 18 Jun 2016

    left no message.


    By Deirdre Dullahan 15 Jun 2016

    annoying calls from this number no MSG left concerned this is a scam as the frequency and time of calls is inappropriate.


    By Bernadette Puniello 16 Mar 2016

    this number has named me twice within the last hour. i replied it and was told that there was no one to take my call these calls are such a nuisance...


    By Toni E morson 05 May 2016

    received a call this morning.

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