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By Nathan Statz 19 Feb 2016

Received a text from this amount on my cell phone wanting to understand if i was interested inside talking finding a self declared nympho... actually where do these people come from deleted message did not respond with any of the choice matters id like to say to someone offering me unsolicited phone sex

By Erica Einspahr 23 Jan 2016

Guy named drover pestering me to get extra money

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    By rodney mckee 14 Jun 2016

    scam this a premium rate amount to call back will price s def avoid.


    By Blanca Mojica-shek 10 Jul 2016

    a lot of calls


    By Tiffany Slawski 24 Feb 2016

    i got the same text as Emma above.BR the number is a authentic Halifax one quite surprising to believe a bank uses a mobile amount to convey with its clients yet.BR the text is received when a transaction is made that the bank flags as funny the transaction is declined and the bank automatically locks the account preventing further transactions until confirmation they are authentic and made with the account holders knowledge.BR BR i got the text when making a purchase from a business based internationally with my debit card. i had attempted the transaction and when declined got the text message as Emma above. i didn't reply to the text but rang Halifax instead.BR BR the man at the end of the line said replying yes removes the lock on the account.BR BR basically if you get the message and dint recognize the trade someone could have attempted to defraud you albeit halted by the banks security. call the bank and find out whats going on. do not answer yes to the text if you dint recognize what the transaction is because that could leave a crook the green light to run your card around on a spree BR otherwise like in my case the security measures have proved around zealous. one must appreciate the equilibrium of security vs little inconvenience nevertheless BR i did mention to the guy from Halifax fraud them however though that becoming a random text from a cellular telephone purportedly from Halifax after becoming a payment declined after inputting all my card details and contact amount made me feel like i was the casualty of a phish searching for added verification that the details submitted were a authentic set. he admitted they're searching into the fashion they convey because the text does not feel genuine in fact the first woman i got through to from Halifax place me straight through to the fraud team when i described the text her own company had sent


    By Jo Marie Hogan 31 May 2016

    call from distant source male apparently connected with Microsoft. i proposed i presumed he was in jail he replied how did i know i threatened to advise police. finish of call.


    By Barbara Schermer 04 Feb 2016

    telex's firm striving to sell deals. named me even though i am taps registered


    By Noya Landa 14 Jun 2016

    text ed me.. no clue


    By Sharon r Bono 10 Feb 2016

    when i answered nobody replied.


    By Gary Bellinger 16 Jun 2016

    woman keeps calling once she left voice mail that's why i understand its a lady and say i desire to understand if you desire a job.........call me no name and very aggro now same amount keeps calling who is she i dint response numbers that i dint know


    By Galen Ruzzamenti 02 Jun 2016

    picked upwards telephone and there was silence on the other finish.


    By Edgar Dale walden 24 Apr 2016

    no one said anything.

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