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By Nathan Statz 19 Feb 2016

Received a text from this amount on my cell phone wanting to understand if i was interested inside talking finding a self declared nympho... actually where do these people come from deleted message did not respond with any of the choice matters id like to say to someone offering me unsolicited phone sex

By Erica Einspahr 23 Jan 2016

Guy named drover pestering me to get extra money

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    By Ava Baumgardner 16 Apr 2016



    By Bennett Robin 03 Jun 2016

    did not answer


    By Tiff Groblewski 08 Jun 2016

    dint understand who they are which is why i contacted yourselves to try to find who they're


    By Ronea Walker 05 Jul 2016

    i dint understand who has named me


    By Jonathan Bridges 21 Mar 2016

    we received a call yesterday.


    By E. dewayne Shepard 29 May 2016

    lost children wanting money.


    By Stephanie Allinson 13 Jun 2016

    got a call from but i ignored it. go ogled the and it took me to this newsgroup. I have gotten this call before saying that my be cu Boeing employees credit union debit MasterCard was locked. subsequently requested me to enter my checking account to re activated it. i fast hung upwards and a week after its been reported by Jesse Jones from Kirov news from Seattle WA that its a sycamore BR do not fall for it after i got the call i went to get lunch and used my card my card worked


    By Anicia Martinez 16 Jan 2016



    By Glender Jenkins 27 Mar 2016

    he call me and insult me


    By Nichole Flaughe 30 May 2016

    i received a call from this was from the Southampton police. if its important they will leave you a message to call back or they will attempt you again.

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