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By Scott Cadiff 22 Jan 2016

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    By Jason Mullican 06 Mar 2016

    what a nerve fancy using an unsolicited phone call to persuade me to buy a phone which purports to block unwanted calls. they have been reported to the information commissioner and i trust everyone else receiving calls from this number does the same. as it was a recorded call there is no point reporting it to the taps service.


    By Iyob Tseggai 27 Apr 2016

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    By Charlene e Lozito 28 Apr 2016

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    By Bridget Thurman 15 Jun 2016

    nothing important


    By Stephanie Guard 04 Feb 2016

    got charged alto


    By Joseph Hammock 30 Jan 2016

    i am becoming numerous calls from this number today i eventually replied to tell them to back away having read on here who they are. the man did not need to know that my phone package is my choice not his and was quite pushy. i told him that I'm registered with taps and he should not be calling to which he replied that i have to re enroll every months. this is a lie i have been registered since and my registration stands ....i phoned them and checked.BR if you get a call from these people and you are registered with taps please make a criticism the business will be fined if enough people whine to taps ....if you will record the call would so get their blatant lies on tape


    By Jeffery Force 21 Mar 2016

    missed call ring BTU given this amount BTU answer amount not recognized Google amount its not traceable any clues


    By Morgan Sharrio 10 Jul 2016



    By alfredo araujo 21 May 2016

    named by this number on Th may.no message left.


    By Ashlie Vidrine 01 Jun 2016

    anyone else becoming calls from this phone number

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