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By Kathy Garthwaite 09 Jun 2016


By Terry Schindeldecker 12 May 2016

Repeated calls on caller i.d.

By Enjang Muhammad 02 Feb 2016

The caller left no message.

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    By Sheila Asie 16 Jun 2016

    did you get any money


    By John Petriga 06 Apr 2016

    no one answers when i say hell


    By Jenelle Hibbert 07 Apr 2016

    i done some work for Jim about the same time as your self i was given bathrooms to tile the rd one i never took luckily i got paid for most of the cash was about British pound out. i wouldn't trust this guy made promises of work subsequently told me his sis was ill and a load of other lies


    By Ruth Murrell 09 May 2016

    a great number of calls from this amount around the last week or so but on none of the occasions have they the manners to leave a message it hardly encourages you to answer the telephone if this amount comes upward on the caller display ..


    By Chet Niewierski 11 Jul 2016

    merely had a call from this number i replied as it was a cellular telephone number i could hear lots of voices so knew it was a call middle within India i said hello they said who they were i could not hear correctly so said it to them and they put the telephone down on me


    By Shomari Mobile 26 May 2016

    nark tau shape Jew..


    By ginny rosser 22 Mar 2016

    call on mobile from this number refused.


    By Elisabet Ertini 28 Mar 2016

    i am getting a call from BR i do not like to reply as it's an unknown number to me BR i am fearful it might be one of those really pricey numbers.BR does somebody else understand that number BR is it spam


    By Robert Kapolio 03 Jan 2016



    By Lisa Gouldthorpe 01 Jun 2016

    the caller left no message.

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