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By Kristi Humphreys 21 Feb 2016

This is a well understood scam normally involving individuals on match.com. you will be asked for money don't send any. block the call.

By Alexis Christor 23 Jan 2016

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    By Damion Sapp 11 Apr 2016

    i named you but it didn't join please contact me through my email prof.Dr.millennial.com i have an urgent company transaction that can gain both of us


    By Darnold Lapommeray 20 Jun 2016

    who belongs to this number please help


    By Khalia Grandberry 07 May 2016

    fundamental bank of Nigeria. maximal.Ru has sent you a filbert BR fundamental bank of Nigeria.text see filbert get our app to see this on bilberry office of the manager of functioning international credit settlement ATM payment department central bank of Nigeria.BR Zara road gawk Abuja Nigeria.BR BR really urgent focus BR the fundamental bank of Nigeria is the apex bank of the national republic of Nigeria and the Nigerian government. it was established allowing to the CNN act of and commenced operations on July . the CNN action of of the national republic of Nigeria charges the bank with the general control and government of the monetary and financial sector policies of the federal government. the CNN is additionally charged with the obligation to maintain external reserves to safeguard the international value of the legal bid currency boost a sound financial system in Nigeria the payment of contract inheritance fund to beneficiaries and act as banker and provide economic and financial guidance to the federal government. inside improvement to its core functions the fundamental bank of Nigeria has over the years performed some important developmental functions focused on all the essential sectors of the Nigerian market financial agricultural and industrial sectors. general these mandates are carried outside by the bank through its various departments. therefore i need to officially tell you that we the international credit settlement of fundamental bank of Nigeria has verified your contract inheritance file and i Mr. Goodwin Emile by the power of my office as the governor of the central bank of Nigeria wishes to render my sincere and unreserved apology to you because of the inability of the previous governors of the central bank of Nigeria to approved your overdue fund. i have discovered the reason exactly why you have not received your component payment of ten million united state dollars and have moved instantly to ratify them. among them is because the former governor of the central bank of Nigeria personally refused to clear the file for your payment. this is an education received from Muhammad Bukhara gunfire Mr. president national republic of Nigeria after the world leadership g summit that was held in Bavaria Germany from Th Th June . g countries after summit expressed the areas that the world will partner with Africa to include BR fourteen billion us dollars billion private investment rural electrification's agriculture trade venture contract inheritance settlement industrial revolutionary BR Muhammad Bukhara gunfire after arriving from the Germany instantaneously convened for an crisis assembly with top officials inside Nigerian government including the vice president prof ye mi Sonja the minister of finance and coordinating minister of the economy the world bank and me the present governor of the central bank of Nigeria Mr. Goodwin Emile. it was at this all important assembly this the conclusion to release all outstanding fund withheld cancelled by the past fundamental bank governor was reached and an order was given by the president to this respect since then all hands has been on deck to assemble all essential information and additionally prepare the demanded file and files affecting your fund. am joyful to let you that we've gotten everything ready that's exactly why am contacting you. this process will not within any way involve any fraudulent act or cash laundering because the central bank of Nigeria is running for the yearly payment and additionally trying to resolve the remarkable payment of inheritance fund that was delayed by the formal governor that's why the order is given. the financial sensible unit fie and the international monetary fund IMF have informed the Interpol and FBI within conjunction with birthplace security so you have absolutely nothing to be fearful of. due the previous scam and fraud action from imposters inside our state we've mapped outside that this card is sent to your private address this card center will send you an ATM card which you will use to remove your money within any ATM machine within any component of the world but the maximum is twenty thousand dollars us. per day but the most shocking component of the entire procedure is that couple of hours after the order to release your ten million united state dollars fund was given Mr. Shane miles from America he contacted my bank and he is still contacting us requesting for the release of your funds within his name as your next of kin beneficiary therefore you are proclaimed dead. we've our uncertainty around that which is the reason we are contacting you within other not to create a heinous blunder. and the below are the details he provided urging my bank to send the ATM card to him instantaneously before it's overly after BR name Mr. Shane Pillsbury address exposition ave NY usable please if you aren't dead as this man falsely said and wishes to receive your fund this manner please let us know even if you have another means that you want to receive your fund i will guidance that you contact deputy governor fiscal sector surveillance the card payment middle policeman Dr. OK Joseph nanny with this info.BR BR contact name Dr. Acceptable Joseph wannabe email address .comber telephone fax BR the ATM card payment center has been mandated to problem out . as part payment for this financial year . also for your advice you have to quit any further communicating with any other persons or offices to prevent any hitches in receiving your payment. for oral discussion call and email me back as soon as you receive this significant message for further direction and also upgrade me on any development from the above mentioned office.BR BR regards BR international monetary fund enviable essential bank of Nigerian BR disclaimer this electronic message collectively with any attachments is confidential. if you are not the intended receiver don't duplicate divulge or use the contents inside any way. please also advise us by return e mail that you have received the message and subsequently please ruin. the central bank of Nigeria CNN isn't responsible for any changes made to this message and or any attachments after sending by fundamental bank of Nigeria CNN. we use virus scanning applications but exclude all obligation for viruses or anything similar within this email or any attachment.BR BR please don't react through this email. contact financial sector official center of payment card .com or call . violation of the confidentiality of your email may result to the cancellation of your fund.


    By Carolyn H. Fleming 27 May 2016

    i have had call from this number inside days. who could it be


    By NAPOLEON PARENT 25 May 2016

    i answered it afterward hung upwards not believing about the amount afterward it rang back so i just left it called back five times last time i answered it and told them to go away within a polite way of class and all i heard was merely some respiration i dint really know what it is but only dint response it


    By Danielle Horwath 20 Jun 2016

    political call


    By Cylestine Smith 17 Jun 2016

    i received a call from this no and he said me that i have won lakes under the president name MIDI so merely i want to understand might it be true


    By Azmat Malik 09 Jun 2016

    wanton insurance Wonderbra wanton insurance BR company name wanton insurance BR address Augusta street BR town BR county Wonderbra BR postcode ll abbr BR region Wales BR telephone number see blob BR fax amount BR BR web address a .wanton.co.Akbar BR you could get them on at no price to you if you enjoy.


    By Perry Munoz 16 May 2016

    it is not sky


    By JAMES MARMORA 21 Jun 2016

    merely missed call from this amount what exactly is it

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