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By Esserqueener Parker 09 Jul 2016

Got calls from the amount.

By Brain Wion 21 Mar 2016

Answered a call from this amount today automated message asking me to begin my poi claim by pressing or to remove myself from the list by pressing . i let it continue until it cut off.

By Daniela Lynn 08 Feb 2016

This idiot has fined me before asking me have i had an accident..........

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    By George Lantz 27 Jun 2016



    By Andrew Hughey 13 Apr 2016

    a correction to my previous message. i misread the amount which should read .


    By Rich Hendrick 10 Jul 2016

    called at Tues . another nuisance call.BR its around time taps or phone companies managed to control and block these numbers.BR does no one have the skill to stop this onslaught of unsolicited service kind calibre our only defence seems to be not to reply them but sometimes genuine calls from abroad or reputable companies need to contact us.


    By Margie Skidmore 18 May 2016

    every time i get a call but no one really speaks and hung upwards. need to criticism to the concerned authorities.


    By TONI BEABER 28 Mar 2016

    a female voice but hang upward in seconds


    By Steve Spigner 24 Jun 2016

    telephone rings with call displayed as no further amount didn't hassle to reply and left no message. nuisance calls need to be stopped.


    By Janine Janos 01 Apr 2016

    got a call. no message left.


    By Helen Kidney 16 Feb 2016

    me ya guy divined Que Si no pa go diner me toccata Ir Ana co rte


    By Lekesha Jefferson 20 Jun 2016

    looks to be a bill collector


    By Johanna Olguin 30 May 2016

    really annoying.. calls today alone.. telephone rings or times.. subsequently goes dead..

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