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By Angela Spain 20 Jun 2016

Calls at least every other day.

By Melissa Migon 30 Apr 2016


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    By Tina Mclellan 17 Jan 2016

    asking me to deposit money


    By David Lukonen 17 May 2016

    curiosity eventually got the better of me now as this amount kept calling me and as the code is my local area code i presumed it must be a genuine call from a local company but as it cost me p for a less than second call i think not they said they were your vehicle ad visors i think that is what it sounded enjoy and they then tell you the way to take your telephone amount away their list. do not can this as all you are doing is confirming your number as a valid number so they could sell your details to other companies.


    By Sam Neenan 18 Mar 2016

    the guy is a real con man he works with Nigerians or foreigners merely enjoy him here inside south Africa. dent be duped merely like i was duped . i met Jon van on we chat overly his number is . he works with the lady goes by the name Nelly n monogamously her amount is and a guy called William his amount is they assert to be working at or Rambo international airport. i was additionally told with the parcel by Jon van he said it was a surprise i told him i dent enjoy surprises i insisted that he told me the contents of the parcel. he told me there was iPhone shoes clothing women stuff and my kids toys. i was so inside adore with Jon van i DDT see it was a scam. i paid r into Ronny catbirds standard bank account i was told he is an officer at the airport r into n. Mongols standard bank account she is an officer at the airport overly and receives parcels from international countries and r into k.b manganese typical bank accounts and they said she works at DH courier services. in a span of months those folks can dis troy u emotionally emotionally and financially. the madness has been going on since may till august .BR BR i even lost my job because of this i used the company's funds to secure the damn parcel i owe folks within my family bank etc and i can not put food on the table for my kids. please anyone who will help me trace this individuals I am inside trouble i wish to com mitt suicide. beware they use UK.bulks ms.com to prank their victims so that u consider Jon is indeed from UK. anyone who will help me leave Ur answer here i will check the site more generally.


    By Zainy Romero 17 Mar 2016

    i didn't response and no message was left


    By Bob Kulzo 28 Apr 2016

    i desire know the identity of the caller


    By Geraldine Maus 25 Mar 2016

    also James perhaps you could shed some light on why directors Nina Williams and Paul carter have resigned as company directors i suppose they re within so considerably shit that they've had to do a runner.BR BR my advice to you is come clean and stop stealing peoples money


    By Hope Agricus 20 Jun 2016

    keep calling me around poi seriously presuming of shifting my number


    By Lea Carino 11 Jul 2016



    By steven devault 28 Apr 2016

    several calls from this amount.


    By Becky Joplin 19 Mar 2016

    if you understand this contact number pals let me understand. f....

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