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By Justin Wagers 23 Mar 2016

Beluga nurse IT Dario clink Kirsten swan

By edith unte 05 Feb 2016

I dint understand the bummer tat calls me.

By Dmitriy Khimich 04 Feb 2016

This number keeps calling amp said if i dint reply their survey i would get many many calls which i am

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    By April Alfiler 10 Feb 2016

    said i took out a loan between the year and told him to listen to me and stop reading the script. who was the business that i had taken a loan outside with he told me he would phone back. he did this instantly and began reading the script again i halted him for a second time and told him i had never taken a loan outside with anyone. i would certainly recall the sum of if i had


    By Steven Ediger 10 May 2016

    no message left.


    By Coco Turnipseed 02 May 2016

    received Mmes Sims no messages downloaded


    By Bill Miracle 23 Jun 2016

    when answered claims to be Avalon trustees calling back with regards to a customer survey that i completed back within January march except i didn't entire any such survey in the first put declined politely and hung up


    By Joe Blevins 21 Feb 2016

    i reply they hang upwards.


    By SHANNON WILLIAMS 04 Mar 2016

    my husband is within Indonesia for month and days today his using my desalt amount there and i received the bill under my name and the bill was Ad for just sec nearly regular it reach something now how come


    By Mabel Hyde 21 May 2016

    dint know who called me


    By Anton Kirilov 04 Jan 2016

    my pal has gotten some unusual text messages. first got one from no telephone that read go away and the next day got one from reading please call. any ideas on where these are coming from


    By marissa schreiber 22 Jan 2016

    had this caller ring us x within the previous half hour. didn't response and the third time the caller went to voice email but left nothing.BR BR bloody scampers and phishing callers. should have their phones crushed inside front of Thimbu BR


    By Trisha Mujadin 10 Jul 2016

    read the other messages about this number. this is a scam . there's no prize. they will inquire you to send money first and they will steal that cash. they will also inquire for your personal advice and use that advice to bargain your identity which they could use for terrorism or offense.

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