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By Darlene Chin-quee 26 Jan 2016

Left no message.

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    By Bayo Omole 16 Mar 2016

    who is this why you calling me


    By Ciaudette Belisle 01 May 2016

    this scummier calls numbers on the national do no call registry within infraction of the phone consumer protection act. they further break the CPA by failing to have an operator on the telephone when the call is answered and still further violate the CPA by playing a recorded message without an operator on the line to answer questions and stop or pause the record. they fail to provide a phone number or address when inquired since you cannot get to an operator on their initial call. their record is offering discounted credit card processing services but this is definitely a scam since they are so much outside of compliance and no valid banking services company would conduct business this manner. don't provide this scummier any personal financial or business information.


    By KAY WATKINS 07 May 2016

    i classroom name grinning data ml IMF classroom name grinning information ml IMF classroom name grinning info ml IMF classroom title grinning data ml IMF


    By Jorge Mijangos 13 Feb 2016

    hell ow are you there


    By Alexandra Torra 26 Jan 2016

    be very attentive. there have been warnings within the press over the past few days around this sort of scam. they pay around the chances and ask you to send the difference on to them by some process. you are hence shown as sending money to this individual. this is money laundering and carries a maximum of years in penitentiary. as this man is Nigerian and the biggest scam in the world is Nigerian an identity and cash theft scam using the you have won million inside the apple or Nokia or coca cola draw texts this could be a manner of moving their ill gotten gin near. some of the Asian fake loan companies also use this for money laundering by asking you to create your until payment into a UK bank account. the man owning the account enables them to use it for a small fee.


    By Sheila Chiofolo 09 Jul 2016

    Sana amount nag business kayak Ito


    By Roger Baileu 01 Jun 2016

    got calls from the number.


    By Orhan Elezovski 01 May 2016

    any ideas who calls from this number


    By wundermom07 aol.com Stephanie 29 Jun 2016

    i keep becoming a no ring call from this number when i call back operator states this is a non working number


    By Jwan Brooks 06 Jul 2016

    poi chilly caller

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