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By Anthony Crichton 17 May 2016

Who calls me please help me to know.

By Carey Agarmon 07 May 2016

This amount has named my property line twice within two days hanging upwards both times. I'm ex directory and never give out this number

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    By Chuck Barsy 05 Apr 2016

    man sounded as if he came from India if he calls let your answerphone reply till you know who it's.BR needless to say i hung up


    By Tammy Bjorni 18 Jun 2016

    cozy number


    By David Rothenberger 18 Jun 2016

    bunch of Isis Islamic zealots striving to scam you outside of cash and ask you to join Isis. dint answer these dirty vermin. Islam is dangerous.


    By Elizabeth Alaherty 08 Apr 2016

    anyone understand this number never ring long enough for me to answer


    By Donald Resel 08 Jun 2016

    any dingbat can type the name bob particularly those of your ilk.BR BR this is the real bob last post. anything after this is fake.


    By Erica East 30 Mar 2016

    another unknown number


    By Sharon Ewton 13 Jan 2016

    called me last night.


    By Roger Lipsey 26 May 2016

    anyone knows who this amount belongs tor


    By Mellanie Mears 04 Apr 2016

    alt ho for odd substitute fake number disguised by scampers amp low life's to con you into presuming you re dealing with a caller from London. this series numbers has not been issued for use. that's why no one can call them back. not that you'd want to as they re located overseas contriving to bargain from us including our personal data enjoy passwords bankcard nos. and dob etc. dint even fuss blocking them they ll be altering the last digits even as i type this cheating lying scum. IMHO.


    By Amy Gale 22 Jun 2016

    keeps calling

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