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By Daisy Howell 25 May 2016

Attempting to find outside who owns this telephone number.

By Judy York 10 May 2016

I would love to know who calls me

By Blion Netscape.Net Ellis 11 Jan 2016

Named my unpublished home amount.

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    By Wilburn Aubertine 27 Apr 2016

    text from fuel to call or involving your account before action is taken.BR BR i have had any energy accounts for around a year so i ignored it


    By Ralph Malsam 12 Jul 2016

    attempting to locate out who owns this amount.


    By Patricia Fanuele 10 May 2016

    Indian sounding man named mark ringing about the minor auto wreck i ha vent had lately.


    By Gene Morlan 08 Jul 2016

    anyone knows who this is


    By Weis Kenneth 26 Jun 2016

    please could you tell me WHO's amount this is because they have called me times i dint need to reply until i understand who it's


    By Serena Rebechini-Hilton 14 Jan 2016

    merely assessed my statement... . for a minute seconds call ah well Coriolanus is booked i classroom title grin information ml IMF


    By Regina Satchell 06 Jun 2016

    just had a call from a man with an Indianian accent claiming to be from the section of justice and asking if a member of my family had had a car accident presume he would have asked about settlement but hung up before subsequently. obviously a scam as the DJ dint solicit cases by calling upwards people worryingly he did know my name so has clearly bought my telephone number off somewhere he attempted to keep me talking before saying exactly why he was calling but hung up as soon as i understood. going to report the number.


    By Dottie Hobbs 07 Jul 2016

    named my cell telephone and hung upward when i replied.


    By Jhon Burbonslogian 30 Jun 2016

    texts from this number on my grandmas telephone. identified themselves as clang. doesn't sound like a name native to the UK. potential overseas scummier


    By Yong Shin 21 Jan 2016

    weekly call since January . this week it became a today call. my answering machine will pick upwards calls after four rings. this person hung up after three rings every time. caller id is unknown name. since i am not from Modesto or understand anyone there i will continue to let my answering machine display take messages.

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