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By Stephen Horvath 04 May 2016

Got similar message from Sarah asking for a . telephone voucher as she was inside hospital . i replied saying i was checking with the authorities .

By Anna Vella 04 Apr 2016

Missed call on my cellular telephone i live inside Ireland

By Jennyann Rosser 21 Jan 2016


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    By Cynthia Mouzakis 03 Jul 2016

    called mobile unknown number so did not response .


    By Victoria Blackwelder 15 Apr 2016

    me lawman y nose quine es


    By Nyomi Madison 08 Jul 2016

    somebody named me from this number days ago and some cryptic express said that i have days. i cant guess what was that all around...


    By Bennie Alliston 15 May 2016

    Tia hair col no Ni... angst ta KP.. cape G menial org Ni


    By Donald Syverson 13 Jun 2016

    no response.


    By Agnes Colombo 31 May 2016

    i can be your pal Russ


    By Arlene Soroka 21 Apr 2016

    got call at on Tuesday rd march .BR no answer from caller or any history office noises so probably automatic.BR will now not answer to this amount.


    By larry kay 09 May 2016

    got a call from this amount. the caller left no message.


    By Mordechai Merzel 24 May 2016

    an complete pest i have had three calls already today and a total of this workable BR they're called Caledonia consultants and use this number when you have blocked their other one which is BR BR on both numbers they ring for a short time before hanging upward. they never leave a message which strongly suggests they are selling something or need to con you into presuming they are just doing a survey.BR BR if you response the call from either amount all you get is a recorded message telling you sadly none of our advisers are accessible at present. this ardently suggests an automated chilly calling system as used by telesales BR as I have been on the taps for years i named the number to warn then to quit calling but all i got was a recorded message saying nobody was accessible to take my call.BR BR dodgy sods block them and report them


    By L Beldon 06 Apr 2016

    dint ring he will charge you a lot of cash

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