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By Antoinette Abdullahi 15 May 2016

Cautious guys this is Russian mafia inside Lesotho ...some Russian girl need cash..and said overly many its dangers

By chris loschiavo 13 May 2016

Pineapples has this information around amount BR pineapples is a service from uncombed BR customer care number premium rate. might be Charbray BR hunt result provided by sweet wall Ltd service connected on march BR service terminated on this service is still running name of service sweet wall ltd BR kind of service amusement adultery service description candy wall ltd has not supplied this info how much does this service price candy wall ltd has not supplied this info BR if you would love to find out more about this service or have a question around it afterward you should contact candy wall Ltd BR wands worth high street Londoner SW abbr BR if you desire to log a criticism to pineapples you will call our helpline on Mon Fri .BR BR domain registration details domain name Nebr candy wall.co.Akbar BR registrant d talcum small BR registrant Debra UK small company company number BR BR registrants addressable d house wands worth high road Londoner SW abbr united kingdom BR info validation nominate was not competent to match the registrants name and or address against a rd party source on APR BR there is no sign however that they are taking any action.

By Douglas Barlow 12 Mar 2016

This no called me on my mobile

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    By Bee Elzeebob 01 Jul 2016

    appears as a missed call on my telephone at work.


    By Jenny Mertens 28 Jun 2016

    SAP Ni


    By Julie Birmingham 03 Jan 2016

    any ideas who calls from this number


    By Mike Nordello 08 Jul 2016

    poi Bacall press . did so and heard a few seconds of local sounding accent before i brought my trusty acme thunderer into activity. no potential caliber to these people.


    By Wilma Gayer 29 Apr 2016

    began getting adult dating kind messages from a arbitrary mobile amount afterward were followed by this amount. i did not begin anything nor respond. messages only keep coming.BR BR eventually Sm's cease to as one message said to can to cease it. got a response that this amount isn't Sims enabled duh should have understood that from the but that's what the message said to would. eventually named the number. its all automated and a slow process. at the finish of it you re told it will be a further days for quit receiving messages has to be processed despite never asking for them in the first set. BR BR messages didn't quit. so i attempted sending stop to and so much no more messages just been one day though.BR BR on online phone billing the comes up as dialog as the receiver. cost . to call the number regular Sims speed for cease to .BR BR still enjoy to understand how they will do this completely unsolicited then force you to spend cash to quit it must be illegal


    By Schmidt Gail 30 May 2016



    By Hagar Simpson 16 May 2016

    we merely got a call from this amount.


    By Dana Davidoff 13 Mar 2016



    By Cynthia Peters-bellerdin 01 Jul 2016



    By Robert Dremak 09 Jun 2016

    got this call so many times. ignored it. never picked it up.

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