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By Marianna 17 May 2017

647-725-9439 is a private line for WWF Canada and they called me by appointment.

By Katey Ahrens 16 Apr 2016

Where's this no originated

By Kenneth Shapiro 04 Apr 2016

This sequence of apparently essential London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com may do around it. dint waste time blocking as number continually changes last digits. merely discount. or better still answer amp enjoy winding upwards Natasha or whatever else untrue name shes using

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    By Nate Butt 11 Feb 2016

    who is this


    By Herman Shusterman 08 Mar 2016

    missed a call from . no thought who would have this number


    By Juliette Reed 10 Mar 2016

    rang at . we place phone down on them. might have to get this call guardian from Barbra i am of a generation that sudden early morning telephone calls mean poor news so was doubly angry


    By Mary Kibodeaux 07 Jul 2016

    please check


    By Odessa Young 29 Feb 2016

    this man rang me within a year examination i was mortified my phone was confiscated if this is your amount please delete my amount this is serious


    By Kai ying Hsu 16 Feb 2016

    email watchdog.co.UK


    By Darla Corley 04 Apr 2016

    highly uncertainty that you idiot


    By H Bohner 13 Jul 2016

    if this is a scam it's still going on years later.i received a phone call from a youthful guy who claimed that his company was responsible for becoming my business place on the Google mapping system.he said i had taken outside an understanding with them on Th may to pay for this service. i said i definitely did not remember this keep attentive records for tax purposes and this rang no bells.he said that i should look at my records definitely had.when i persisted inside saying i had not done this saying it was the kind of matter i would not have done he said that if i did not renew with him my Google map entry would be deleted from the map and customers would not be competent to find my company.i did not renew as i did not believe any of this was likely to be accurate.i subsequently phoned back and asked who had named. i was told by the same young guy it was link promotions. i asked if they were a subsidiary of Google. he said no they were a search engine optimizing company. you could Google and locate this company so i dint know if the caller is genuinely from that business or not.some of you estimate the telephone amount. mine was a bit different but clearly from the same region .i have contacted the fraud line and i consider they will refer this to the authorities. what's shocking is that if this is a scam it's still going strong four years later.


    By C Gumban 02 May 2016

    i got around miss call when call back it disconnected on face


    By Ruth ann Porter 12 Apr 2016

    says NP DPT miss call Dr org G Samar.. org Gila.

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