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By Jeanette Marie 19 Jun 2016

We are calling you because you had an injury.

By Abner Turner 25 May 2016

Ho la

By Louise Wyche 01 Apr 2016

Has called me several times. does not leave message. have marked as spam and reject.

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    By MARYBETH LEBO 16 Apr 2016

    this nub er consistently flash me when i call it the individual will decide the call and keep quiet and be listening to me. this has been happening.


    By Diana Dore 22 Jan 2016

    they called me enjoy at in the afternoon and i was inside school so i didn't response....i dint know who it's


    By Doris Jasper 10 Apr 2016



    By Sabu Paul 07 Jul 2016

    DA's lie gt Daren DA's die lute DA an Dem phone sit zen Ind wen expire stammer Dem niche pas st leg en Sir wider AFB Weill expire weaken Dir den gr ten mist Du Sallust BR Monte Ind hast nix user Kirsten


    By Roselyn Mute 09 May 2016

    Bacall. spoofed number.


    By Xairu Mcnamara 13 May 2016

    these are abusive and the phone number they call from is a front for fraud telling me they will reduce my credit card interest and equilibrium. i have stay ted on the line asking to be removed and they hang upward. someone has to stop these crackpots.


    By Lou Saale 21 Jun 2016



    By John Jurijczuk 16 Mar 2016

    i like keeping path on all my incoming and outgoing calls.need help.


    By Maria Escalona 02 Mar 2016

    i named them back. they said they were a national guidance line dealing with my industrial hearing loss promise. i was quite angry and inquired to be removed from their database and if i received any more calls i would report them to the authorities for harassment. he refused saying he couldn't without my name. i blew my lid and refused stating that having worked within call centres for many years he did not need my name only my amount which i insisted he take a note of....lets wait and see


    By Debby Sila 23 Mar 2016

    unknown amount.

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