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By Christine Fawkes 16 Feb 2016

Dint know who this is. didn't leave a MSG

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    By Tisha Bryson 09 Jan 2016

    just called the Illinois dept of revenue. they did within fact have my telephone number however the name did not fit they had my amount with someone Elise's name. they have advised that i may receive a couple more residual calls but after a week or two the calls will cease.


    By Sherian Raymond 11 May 2016

    received a call from this number while was talking on other line.


    By Whitney Shook 24 Mar 2016

    told i could get a refund of call charges blue loan instead no response and a telephone bill scam


    By LANIER LUMPKIN 29 Jun 2016

    received a phone call from this amount. the caller left no message.


    By Ilir Baci 25 Feb 2016

    got a call from this amount. the caller did not leave any message.


    By amanda sam 11 Jun 2016

    my account is hacked


    By Brenda Bran 10 Apr 2016

    exactly why did you call this number


    By Bruce Klabunde 08 Jul 2016

    someone called me from this company today and when i said i was not interested and please take my name and amount off their calling list he hung upwards without a word


    By maryl1967 webtv.net Mary 21 May 2016

    i keep getting calls from this and a couple of other numbers with amount difference at the finish either or no message ever left and they call me twice a day BR who is it and can i block them


    By Vera Kirk 08 Jun 2016

    my partner received a text message this day at from someones mobile which reads as follows the banks are refunding customers who have paid a monthly fee on packaged bank accounts. for your refund click a .folks.coma or stipend. banks dint send text messages without asking you if you desire them to text you. so my partner wants to understand how this man got his cellular telephone amount as I have assessed for him on his behalf on the Google investigation pub. it lists only one person named Cheri fording in south Stafford. please could you help to finish these messages thank you.

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