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By Rachel Lavoie 28 Mar 2016


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    By Cari Core 11 Jul 2016

    they've rung times today. Asian sounding callers claiming to be from discuss talk and needing to discuss tariff. were not with discuss talk my husband told them to foxtrot Oscar.


    By Elberto Tuazon 24 Apr 2016

    the caller did not leave a message.


    By Margot Silguero 29 May 2016

    no one responded.


    By Cindy Andrews-gunn 06 Jul 2016

    i keep getting calls from this amount i answered it once and wished i hadn't it cost me loads of money to get my computer fixed they sent some sort of flash down my line and messed upward my comp tor its a really big con dint reply calls from it


    By Salim Akhtar 03 Feb 2016

    been called several times from this no. business is green Eco. grants for solar energy.told them before not to ring me but they still call.


    By Pete Zipf 30 May 2016

    received a call from this amount while was talking on other line.


    By Joan Allenhart 24 Jun 2016

    said my email account had been compromised


    By Charles Tuff 20 May 2016

    this is the biggest scam in the u.s. and Canada. the scampers say you owe cash on back taxes and if you dint pay you will be arrested etc etc. they say if you settle around the phone at a discounted amount they could make the charges evaporate.this is the potted variant at the finish of the day the taxman never chilly calls you but sends certified email if they need to. check outside the Cara website for a fuller explanation. it is a scam.


    By M w Finch 03 Jun 2016

    administrator called offering a service to get a refund for all costs of my timeshare through misspelling but i cannot confirm the address of the business at the postcode given.


    By Donald Rueter 19 Jun 2016

    this amount makes call from my telephone by itself and price me .

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