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By Irene Dubois 26 May 2016

Phoned and left no message.

By Shelley Reher 18 Feb 2016

Repeated calls from this number.

By Andrea Kuehnel 16 Jan 2016

This is the customer care number for talk mobile as it's preset on my amount card. discuss mobile is owned by define and has nothing to would with talk talk. talk discuss have their own talk talk cellular telephone service .

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    By Toni Holbrook 04 Feb 2016

    doesn't leave a message


    By Cynthia Eipp 10 Jan 2016

    to former Gk nip lutanist Oct BR BR only to clarify something BR BR there's nothing inside the information protection act of the united kingdom that would prevent a chilly caller revealing the name of the business they're calling from or on benefit of.BR BR i really despise companies and MI's informed idiots that attempt and tell me and others that something isn't allowed because of the info protection act when actually they're merely being sneaky and to attempting and frighten people.BR BR BR please look over the info contained at BR BR a .Wikipedia. BR and the total text of the celebrity BR a hereafter.ops.gov. HTTP.ops.gov. Libra BR please please please quit trying to conceal behind the law when it suits to attempt and scare the general public and especially when you are entirely wronger BR think on this the next time you decide your phone upward to any company if they disclose the company name and you already deal with them is that against the law


    By Guy Michael 10 Jul 2016

    had this amount calling me loads they seem to have stopped now as when they inquire to speak to me i simply say no difficulty i will get him now then i place the telephone next to me and just take on working. one person took minutes before hanging upward. i appreciate listening to them saying hello around and around running upward their phone bill.


    By Brian Brendemihl 20 Feb 2016

    received few telephone calls from this number.


    By Josie Kite 14 Mar 2016

    this phone no. frequently appears on my phone bill with the destination as services NP rater i don't recognize this number and have tried ringing it many times and i get i get a ring tone but never an answer.


    By Louis Himes 11 May 2016

    anyone know this


    By Mare Ricci 02 May 2016

    sin kayak tong punting to Hindi normal Na Teotihuacan nay ta yo la hat taps Hindi Silas mag nasality. Arno UN tracing numbers


    By Caitlin Danies 25 Jun 2016

    an electronic equipment group in Bolton. finest to attempt Google for numbers openly listed.


    By Cameron Prinkey 06 Jul 2016

    when i get calls from this number no one is on the line. i cant call back or send an Sims.


    By JULIA PHILLIPS 07 Jul 2016


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