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By Irene Dubois 26 May 2016

Phoned and left no message.

By Shelley Reher 18 Feb 2016

Repeated calls from this number.

By Andrea Kuehnel 16 Jan 2016

This is the customer care number for talk mobile as it's preset on my amount card. discuss mobile is owned by define and has nothing to would with talk talk. talk discuss have their own talk talk cellular telephone service .

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    By Leaundra Sanders 02 Feb 2016

    got a call re poi Tuesday Th may at pm. have told the info commissioners office obviously already ex directory and registered with telephone preference service. the icon really are useless. they still have this how did it make you feel question. i always tell them furious at the perpetrator and angry at the icon for doing nothing. the substantial damage or considerable distress requirement has been removed now so i don t know why that question is still there.BR BR link for reporting automated recorded calibre BR a .org. texts and nuisance Carlsbad BR i keep reporting these incidents to the icon and additionally this exceptional website what manner of even keeping a public record of it would there be without it


    By Ha Boyle 23 May 2016

    any ideas who this might be


    By Erica Magallon 26 Apr 2016

    mo hon jetsam Dario milk number uni unstuck membrane Kettering berating SAT keys per as gut berating Greta benumb pedestrian QM


    By Tricia Reamer 27 Apr 2016

    no response.


    By Nicole Gaines 21 Jun 2016

    nuisance calls


    By Lisa Suydan 12 May 2016

    said he was a government office calling around my debutante have any i asked what debts he said loans credit cards overdraft etc . I've never had any of these . so reckon its a phishing expedition.


    By Donald Fischer 18 Mar 2016


    By Cendra Cherry 17 Jun 2016

    the amount called me at work.


    By Olajide Olatunji 25 May 2016

    call me several times a day but generally no one on the other end occasionally i response and Rhea there are ring tones as if I have named them


    By Claudette Ricouard 27 Jan 2016

    received a call from this amount while was talking on other line.

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