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By Irene Dubois 26 May 2016

Phoned and left no message.

By Shelley Reher 18 Feb 2016

Repeated calls from this number.

By Andrea Kuehnel 16 Jan 2016

This is the customer care number for talk mobile as it's preset on my amount card. discuss mobile is owned by define and has nothing to would with talk talk. talk discuss have their own talk talk cellular telephone service .

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    By Rebecca Krug 03 Apr 2016

    got a disconnected call when answered


    By Jd Gomez 08 Jul 2016

    merely got a call


    By Raymond Kemper 18 Apr 2016

    i want to know the persons identity who sent MSG to me via this number. will there be any opportunity to find outre whoever created the site has to make sure the senders are recorded on the system and supply the chance to locate outside who was the sender.


    By Pooja Patlolla 05 Jun 2016

    keeps calling my amount.


    By Chuck Spicer 27 Jun 2016

    hi i am going through a actually bad time getting harassment calls it may occur all times day or night but this time they have forgotten to with held there number does anyone know who this number belongs to please


    By vicki melton 13 Jul 2016

    . report them to the icon a .snap surveys..ASPCA BR tell us around unwanted promotion text messages and telephone calls you have received. if you've had an unwanted advertising call or message we desire to know around it. please provide as much info as potential to help us inquire the organizations responsible for sending these advertising communications.BR BR the icon could fine them for repeatedly contacting you against your wishes.BR BR . activity fraud for attempted fraud genuine fraud and misrepresentation with intention to defraud.BR BR a .activity fraud.authorities.export a Frau ... offense questions


    By Gloria Dickson-phillips 13 Feb 2016

    keep on calling. means it's a London amount and the std is . they dint leave a message or reply when picked upward.


    By Donna L dixon 04 Jun 2016

    it missed call me amp when i tried to ring the amount it says number is incorrect.. sounds st ranged to me.. it appears in my own log call as miss call meaning it really calls me.. if you could give an answer hows that potential..


    By Peiman Mehri 12 Jun 2016

    a message was left on my cell phone. i do not know this number and i could not understand what was said.


    By Seena Walker 07 Jan 2016

    call me too i just received my new telephone yesterday and I am already receiving these dumb chilly callers

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