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By Bernice Grandstaff 01 Jul 2016

The domain name you estimate does not appear to be valid................ even if the space before car is removed.

By Christy Kujawa 25 Apr 2016

Do not can company with these guys unless u have cash to throw away told us they work for authorities Scotland and would we like to advertise within their mag. its a con authorities and trading standards ill chasing them

By Katherine Gagner 23 Apr 2016

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    By Frank Partica 24 Mar 2016

    who named me


    By Beverly Gilbertson 14 Feb 2016

    caller rang amp claimed to be Cellular telephone. i asked him to demonstrate it he said i could ring to assess. i did he was he even left a note on their system to say he would ring me back. when he did he just needed know if i was happy with my service even proposed i might swap to a better cost plan that was more suitable for me which i had already came to same conclusion myself of class i know they simply want me to indication upwards to another contract. my idea is if you get a call from someone claiming to be Cellular telephone dint give any personal information tell them you re going to call to assess them out amp can they call you back in a while. it would help if they left a short message though if you've missed their call.


    By Blaine Kellie 19 Feb 2016


    By Darlene Litzau 29 Apr 2016

    another nuisance call thank goodness for caller show. caller now blocked but them seem to call from other numbers.


    By Marlin Shade 09 Jun 2016

    any hint where this is from


    By Ryse Walker 13 Mar 2016

    does someone understand who calls from this number.


    By David Krivanek 10 May 2016

    another call with no one there


    By Amekia Thomas 25 May 2016

    if i don't have a vanguard account and they call me pretending that they're vanguard i do not care because i have nothing to lose. but if i have a vanguard account and someone calls me and is asking private and secret questions to verify me. afterward i would be extremely alarmed. no one should give out private tips unless he or she initiates the call and calls just the number that is within your statement.


    By Cynthia Bulka 05 Jun 2016

    dint know what to say...dint know the caller


    By Vanessa Pepion 23 May 2016

    hi dean you dint understand me but i was told that i take it upward my .

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