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By Pat Bre 17 Jun 2016

Any notion who could call from this phone number.

By Jill Tralka 03 Mar 2016


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    By L Blow 08 May 2016



    By Deidra Radford 22 Jun 2016

    i received a call on please identify yourself


    By Kristen Michaud 20 Jun 2016

    called my cell.


    By Brandy Lowry 18 Mar 2016

    i was receiving numerous calls from that number as well and when i reply it appeared to be a dead line. the last call from the whom i believe to be scampers i held onto the line until they responded and i was informed that my car loan was accepted. i told them that i did not apply for a auto loan and do not call me anymore. then the caller with an east Indian accent hung up the telephone with no response.


    By L Dixion 11 Jun 2016



    By BILL DRAKE 14 Apr 2016

    . seemingly I've won k and have to accumulate from Barclay's bank within the hr. I have simply com Baku from school tun I am bloody knackered its minus temperatures outside so bloody well now Lao. i want go outside in dis weather Evan for k. bloody send me a chew inside post. or at least put it Jan my account. funny matter is i dent RN bank with Barclay's. idiots


    By Denise Rios 10 May 2016

    a .my information.co.UK quite worthwhile free service for any business. calls last less than a minute


    By Paganelli Michelle 21 Jun 2016

    named my cell.


    By Edna Croston 12 Mar 2016

    dead air


    By Jorge Navarrete 19 Jun 2016

    schemers had the same call now regarding my daughter being involved within a traffic accident.BR i asked when did that happened and caller hang upward direct away.BR they promise to be first assist.BR called first help to whine. fa refuse this amount is among theirs but rather a scam.BR reported to local standards power inside wassail as it's a wassail number.

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