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By Pat Bre 17 Jun 2016

Any notion who could call from this phone number.

By Jill Tralka 03 Mar 2016


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    By Allison Langdo-deluca 20 Jun 2016

    i was given this number by define my dad who is years of age was receiving texts from this number that seemed to be taking some of his top upward cash that he had place on his phone. i rang them and they were adamant that they were not sending any texts to my fathers telephone and advised me to go back to define which i did and they said that they additionally rang them and they said the same to them but define insisted this i where the messages are coming from. the messages just read messages cannot be displayed and he has been receiving these every two to three hours. defines next advise was to get another sum card and change the phone number which is what we've had to can. i just cant consider that this company are still sending texts to my fathers old phone and there appears to be nothing anyone can would about it.


    By Trina Fizer 20 Jun 2016

    debt collector


    By Taylor Carver 02 May 2016

    i additionally received a call from this amount i ignored it and they ha vent rung back


    By Lori Zawisza 15 May 2016

    Google buckler scam


    By John Deutsch 23 Mar 2016

    who has this number


    By Kirsten Sorensen 11 Mar 2016

    of tel records reveal that numbers beginning are allocated to Cambridge communications limited. the region covered by the exchange is considered active when there are more than two sheep visible at the same time. searches enjoy though another call centre routing from abroad. ho hum for the great old days when the dialing code told the truth around the origin of a call. thanks for nothing of com.


    By Dionque Jackson 04 May 2016

    this has called me times now so much. i didn't answer because i didn't recognize the . they left no voice mail message. i amount there would be a message if it was important and legit.


    By Pinball Cummings 11 May 2016

    they said they were legal services


    By Brenda Gunnell-handley 19 May 2016

    annoying leaving messages about bloody poi


    By William Gambardella 15 Apr 2016

    anyone else getting calls from this number

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